Huanga��s three-story building

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Too good to describe: the taro feast

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Delicious taro, supreme texture

The appearance of Huanga��s three-story building is just like any ordinary residence. However, its taro feast made with local-grown taros is not only famous but incredibly appetizing. You may be wondering where the name of the restaurant came from. The reason is that the area in which the Huanga��s is located was army frontline. The height of the houses was restrained. The Huanga��s was the only three-story building in the area, making it a local symbol and icon. Dona��t be deceived by the simple appearance of it. Huanga��s three-story building has weathered the time of difficulty.

The Full Taro Feast Menu (8 courses)
Double taro balls:
Fried taro balls, crisp on the outside, soft in the inside. Taro is dense and delicate, encompassing a salted egg yolk. Every bite is full of the scent of taro.

Taro in love with meat:
Steamed taro peeled and diced. Fried and placed on top of military-used canned pork. When the dish was invented, there were little daily supplies. Military-used canned pork was easier to get than fresh pork. By chance, locals discovered that canned pork went great with taros. The dish was then inherited, and became a typical delicacy since then.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Huanga��s three-story buildingi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Huanga��s three-story buildingi??TaiwanDay

Taro dumplings:
Dumplings filled by leek and pork. Take a bite and you can see diced of taro inside. The owner is generous in using ingredients. Without the spiciness of the leeks, the taste is mild and dense.

Taiwanese oyster omelet:
The owner is extremely generous when it comes to the ingredients used for food, using plentiful of local, fresh oysters in the dish. With an addition of leek, garlic, eggs a�� ingredients different to the flavors used elsewhere in Taiwan a�� the dish is delicious and smells great even without salt. Drench some sweet and sour sauce before serving, the dish is absolutely satisfying.

Rice with dried-clams and scallops:
This is a dish only available upon reservation. There are Kinmen specialty: dried-clams and small scallops.

Taro shaved ice:
Large pieces of taro served with red beans, sweet taro balls, honey beans, and sweet potatoes. Every ingredient is cooked till theya��re dense, soft, and chewy. Drenched in brown sugar syrup. Ita��s the fabulous refreshment in summer with layers of sweetness.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Huanga��s three-story buildingi??TaiwanDay