Red Wood Cottage Living Basin (Huo Pendi)

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Experience the vibrant land

Your impression on the Sun Moon Lake is still that scenic lake surrounded by mountains? However, do you know that the Lake is in fact divided into Sun and Moon Lakes because of the shape? The nowadays popular Sun Moon Lake is actually the past Moon Lake, and the gradually forgotten Sun Lake is the living Basin of Red Wood Cottage

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The past Sun Moon Lake now a living basin

Driving a car along a winding path with the help of a map, you will notice a house built by red wood stands out. That is the Red Wood Cottage. Now you must be wondering, a�?where is the Sun Lake?a�? Be patient, let us follow the owner of the cottage, professor Wu Min-Di, to find out.

The Toushe Huo Pendi is at a height of more than 600 meters above sea level. It was a lake in earlier days, the Sun Lake to be specific. The lake later became a basin due to receding lake water and increasing sediments of sand and mud. After lake water receded, a marsh-like wetland appeared. Besides, the special-textured peat soil was formed since a huge quantity of organisms could not be decomposed in the environment where waterweeds had been growing and depositing over thousands of years. In fact, the soil was highly water-absorbent and poor in drain ability, and it was rich in minerals and organic materials. Although peat soil was the most important culture material in the world, its soft and fluffy quality made cattle sink into it in farms. As a result, the soil could only be cultivated by manpower, and early farmers who settled here were frustrated about it. At the time, local residents used mountain soils in hopes of filling the marshland during their leisure time. As time passed, a strange situation of lands consisting soil on the top and marshland on the bottom occurred. If you had stuck a 4-5 meter long pole into the soft land, the pole would have sunk into the land completely.

Taiwan Traveli?sAttracton - Red Wood Cottage Living Basin (Huo Pendi)i??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sAttracton - Red Wood Cottage Living Basin (Huo Pendi)i??TaiwanDay

When you step on the marshland, the feel is like jelly

How can you miss a rare experience of a living basin? You dona��t have to worry about shoes or socks stained by swampland. The owners of farms have prepared rain boots, and youa��re ready to go! The huge stretch of grassland in front of Red Wood Cottage is the living basin experience area. When you followed Professor Wu and walked along the path made by wooden tiles, you would feel the vibration with every step on the swampland and think a�?Oh my god, am I still on the ground?a�? Indeed, you are on the living basin of peat soil and surrounded by shaking green grass. However, you should be careful to avoid the soft mire, or you will sink into it. When you are in the middle of the grassland, you can jump and stomp to your hearta��s content. The jelly-like rhythms felt from your soles embody the liveliness of the land, no wonder this place is also called as a�?Mambo Land.a�?

Rich biodiversity and best place to learn about nature

Aside from the living basin, countless species exist on this great expanse of grassland with continuous streams of clean water from fountains. Dawn redwood, deciduous cypress, kusano willow, rose bitterlings which live in symbiosis with mussels, paracheilognathus himategus, and corbicula fluminea can all be found here. In addition, fish like candidia barbata, pseudorasbora parva, small snakehead, carp, medaka, crucian carp, and Chinese barb are all frequently seen here. If you visit the place during months from April to June, then you can be surrounded by fireflies at night. a�?Mother Nature is the best classroom,a�? Professor Wu said. Wu has been dedicating his efforts on the land and restoring primary ecology for more than ten years. With the impeccable natural environment and a detailed introduction by the Professor, every visitor of the Red Wood Cottage can definitely learn more about the place and benefit spiritually from the experience.

Taiwan Traveli?sAttracton - Red Wood Cottage Living Basin (Huo Pendi)i??TaiwanDay