Qinshui Deep Fried Rice Cakes

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Nostalgic old-world flavor carried forward through three generations

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Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Qinshui Deep Fried Rice Cakesi??TaiwanDay

Qinshui Deep Fried Rice Cakes is a small eatery located inside an arcade on Xinxing Road. The business has been carried forward through 50 years, now into the 3rd generation. Therea��re only 3 small tables, the customers were warmly welcome by the a�?boss ladya�?. The steady stream of customers was coming in nonstop, I could see the oldest son trying to keep up, throwing rice cakes into the boiling deep fry pot, I couldna��t help asking: what was customersa�� favorite? He answered: a�?Number one: fried meat ball, the second: fried taro cake.a�? Well, thata��s not what I expected!

Purely hand-made to give you the great taste of rice

The owner is adamant about keeping the same way of cooking his father used. He uses only indica rice (zai lai rice) and fresh ingredients, nothing else, Also, makes them 100% by hand. Although all the foods they are selling are deep fried, they are not greasy at all. They taste even better if you have them with their special minced garlic soy sauce and chili sauce! As a matter of fact, my favorite is sweet rice cake. His oldest son told me some people used the special sauce even on their sweet rice cakes. Out of curiosity, I tried it. It really brought out a very special savory and sweet taste of rice. Go try it for yourself!

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Qinshui Deep Fried Rice Cakesi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Qinshui Deep Fried Rice Cakesi??TaiwanDay


Deep Fried Meatball: Grind specially selected premium cut pork (the small piece between the neck and the shoulder), then season with garlic and special Chinese herbs, mix in shredded Chinese turnip, (After Dragon Boat Festival, they use Pulia��s famous a�?white water bambooa�? shreds instead), then lightly coat each portion of the mixture with indica rice puree, deep fry for 7 to 8 minutes, take them out and serve. Theya��re sweet and savory, full of flavors, they taste best when served hot, if it turns cold, reheat them in 150 degree oven for 1 to 2 minutes to refresh the taste.

Deep Fried Oyster Cake: Mix fresh oysters from Dongshi Village of Jiayi with finely chopped leek, no garlic or salt needed. Just lightly coat the mixture with rice puree then deep fry for 6 to 7 minutes, take them out, then you can enjoy the pure fresh taste of oysters

Deep Fried Taro Cake: The secret ingredient of this is the genuine indica rice. It needs to be set aside for 6 months before it has the right a�?chewinessa�? when cooked. First, grind indica rice into rice puree, finely shred the taros, add salt to taste, steam the mixture in a big size steamer for at least 3.5 hours, take it out when ita��s cool, cut into long pieces about 1.5 cm wide, deep fry them without coating for 3 to 4 minutes, take them out and serve. These deep-fried treats dona��t taste greasy at all.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Qinshui Deep Fried Rice Cakesi??TaiwanDay