Wang Ta Sticky Rice Pudding

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The 76-year- old restauranta��s popularity keeps going strong

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Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Wang Ta Sticky Rice Puddingi??TaiwanDay

Qingshuia��s a�?Wang Ta Sticky Rice Puddinga�? was founded by Mr. Ta Wang in 1938.A�They use the best round grain sticky rice they can find and the one-of the-kindA�marinated pork slices prepared to their own special recipe, then steam them untilA�the tantalizing smell tells you the pudding is savory and moist. When served with aA�brown stewed egg on the side, topped off with their special marinade and chili riceA�sauce, plus the chili paste hand-made by the second-generation owner, the 4 thA�daughter of Ta Wang, youa��ve got a mouth-watering gourmet dish that you cana��t getA�anywhere else! With its 76 years of history, it truly is the most iconic food inA�Qingshui area.

During holidays, up to 1200 bowls are sold each day

In Qingshui, there arena��t many eateries that are so big and need to have a second level. The two-level space of Wang Ta is clean and airy, furnished with spic-and- span tables and chairs, all the employees are neatly dressed in uniforms. The restaurant is now under the management of the 3 rd generation, the 40-year- old grandson and his wife. The young couple knows how to take advantage of the new technology to advertise creatively and effectively. According to the a�?boss ladya�?, on holidays, when they are the busiest, they can sell up to 1200 bowls of rice pudding in one day. Thata��s really incredible!

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Wang Ta Sticky Rice Puddingi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Wang Ta Sticky Rice Puddingi??TaiwanDay

Sticky Rice Pudding

Whata��s so special about Wang Ta Rice Pudding is the big whole piece of a preserved oyster on top of it, also a slice of savory pork stew that smells so amazing. We highly recommend an additional tasty and firm brown stewed egg, drizzle it with the melt- in-your- mouth marinade and their special rice chili sauce or chili paste. You absolutely will keep refilling your bowl because you just cana��t have enough of it.

Stuffed Deep-fried Tofu

Finely dice water chestnuts, evenly mix them with ground pork, then stuff the mixture into hollowed deep-fried tofu triangles, steam them until cooked through. They are flavorful and light, not heavy or oily. Ita��s such a wonderful taste!

Dried noodle

To make the dressing for the noodle, they use 4 special sauces: shallot meat sauce, thick soy sauce, fired shallots and rice chili pepper-grandpaa��s secret recipe. As soon as the noodle is brought to your table, quickly mix everything evenly so you can taste the original freshness and sweetness of the noodle.

Sparerib Soup with Orange Day-lily

Carefully selected large orange day-lily flowers cooked with tender spareribs make the soup soothing and tasty.

Sparerib Soup with Bitter Melon

The carefully selected bitter melons have no bitterness in them, also make the spareribs very flavorful, and the soup so savory.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Wang Ta Sticky Rice Puddingi??TaiwanDay