Qing Shui Elementary School

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Savor The History Of This Century-Old Building

Located in Qingshui District of Taichung City, Qingshui Elementary School is the only century-old school in Taiwan that still serves its original purpose. The school gate, the U- shaped classrooms built with bricks, the old auditorium, the monument of honesty, them corridors, and the teacher dormitory, all feature our history. When strolling along the columned-hallway and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the campus, you feel like time flashing back to a hundred years ago.

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The public school for Taiwanese people

The origin of Qingshui Elementary could be traced back to 1987, the Japanese colonial period. The schools were strictly segregated based on ethnicity. a�?Public schoolsa�? were set up for Taiwanese students (the current Qingshui Elementary); whereas, a�?elementary schoolsa�? (the current Qingshui High School) were established for Japanese children. To have had Taiwanese people learned the national language (Japanese language), the Colonial Government built a school in Wen-Chang Temple at the foot of Aofong Hill, called Taichung National Language School-Niumatou Branch. The school became Niumatou Public School in 1989. At the same time, at the north of Wen-Chang Temple backyard, the dormitory was expanded.

The elegant residence was a two-storey red-bricked building, residing on Chongshang Road in Qingshui District. The place was reconstructed and turned into a brand-new commercial building; that is, the Cathay United Bank today. In 1925, the school was renamed as Qingshui Public School and relocated to the current address on Kuanghua Road. In 1935, as a result of the Kuantaoshan Earthquake, the houses at Qingshui were almost wiped out. Part of the new dormitory and auditorium were also destroyed. After the quake, the premises were restored and strengthened; thus, the heritage could be preserved till today.

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Qing Shui Elementary Schooli??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Qing Shui Elementary Schooli??TaiwanDay

How Romantic It is to Roam in the Campus

Walking around the Qingshui Elementary School, you can freely shower within the historical ambiance; as well, you can savor every part of it. The red-bricked wall, with the passage of years, still has a delightful blend of ancient feel and refinement. Strolling along the pillared hallway outside the classrooms, you can find the columns inside the corridors, the special decorations near the rain cover, and the sawtooth marks on the posts from both sides. Additionally, you can spot the uneven horizontal lines on the exposed aggregate foundation under the bricked wall in the classroom. At the top of the classrooms, you can also see the oval air vent, and the insect screens that protect the wooden buildings. Rumors said that every window on both sides has the word a�?watera�? engraved so that people would not steal this valuable glass. Every other five classrooms, there would be a domed-shape corridor. Looking from either end of the hallway, you would enjoy the romantic and scenic views that they offered.

The Majestic Beauty of the Architectures

The old auditorium was a large meeting place that could accommodate about 500 people during the Japanese Rule. Inside the auditorium, there were faux columns, coffered ceilings, the domed-shape embossment in front of the stage, as well as the carved niche on the rear wall. All these were made with ancient techniques, and you would want to spend some time sipping through them. Incorporating western and Japanese style, the dormitory was built according to the official residence requirements back then. Thus, you will observe the specifications in the Japanese-western style wood sidings and the Japanese doors and windows, as well as the Japanese Wooden residence for teachers and all of which had over 80 years of history. Last, the school gate had two pairs of emblems, and even with doorposts widened and heightened during the Japanese colonial era, the overall look did not alter much. The door still showed its original purpose; that is, wishing every student could excel and soar.

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Qing Shui Elementary Schooli??TaiwanDay