A Green, Energetic Trip

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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Puding 535 B&Bi??TaiwanDay

Run on the Green Field to Your Hearta��s Content

To take a vacation in Kenting doesna��t mean that you have to stay at a crowded beach or packed street. Go straight toward the cape Eluanbi, turn into Puding Road and you will see the prairies stretch along the road. On the green field located the country style a�?Puding 535 B&B.a�?

The light yellow walls present the original texture. The solid wood furniture inside is not covered with varnish to let them a�?breathe.a�? As time passes by, they present a gentle gloss naturally. The owner of the B&B sod the lawn that is suitable for golf course. The touch is as soft as a green carpet and the children can roll and play on it. With the hammock, swing, recliner and the nature sounds, the hot summer becomes crisp. Moreover, the fireflies which are restored by the lotus pond shine with the starry night.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Puding 535 B&Bi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Puding 535 B&Bi??TaiwanDay

The Warm Hospitality Appeals to the Guests

The owner of the B&B came to Kenting from Taipei after losing his job eight years ago. He wanted to start as a street vendor but accidentally opened a�?Yu Sen Housea�? on Kenting Road. He and his wife leave the guests some kind of impression since then. Eight years later, he opened a�?Puding 535 B&Ba�? because he found this green field away from the crowds. Ita��s an unexpected challenge for him. He participated in decorating and even flew to Bali to choose furniture. His children also came back to help. Lots of celebrities have visited here. Lots of guests visit here to experience the warm hospitality again.

The Room Design is Ingenious

The six-people room in a�?Puding 535 B&Ba�? is connected with a spiral stair. The guests can enjoy their vacation in the spacious room. Through the windows, you can see the green meadow and the Eluanbi Lighthouse. The privacy is ensured with the private gateway. The owner loves leather wares. The sofas and armchairs represent her taste. Every decoration in room is distinctive. There is even a rare round bathtub in a double room. The owner insisted on building a streamlined glass partition, which almost beat the experienced interior designer. When you visit a�?Puding 535 B&B,a�? dona��t forget to enjoy the ownera��s ingenuity.


Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Puding 535 B&Bi??TaiwanDay