Waltz with soothing steps in the countryside

Overall environment ★★★★
Lodging environment ★★★★
Service ★★★★
Food and beverages ★★★★

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Prado Homestary|TaiwanDay

Blue skies, green lands, flagrant vines

The Prado Homestay is composed of two homes. The first home is styled in a British countryside manner. The interior is mainly design in brown, providing a sense of warmth and stability. The compartment includes a living room, a kitchen, and a dining room, all of which presents a sense of a regular home. In the vicinity there are old churches, bat holes to visit. The home cannot better suit holiday-makers on large family trips or grand unions. Chatting, relaxing, reading, listening to music in the living room; prepare your own simple desserts and drink in the semi-open type kitchen; or stroll along the church and bat holes make the best family time ever.

The second home at the Prado Homestay is more of a southern Europe fashion. The colors used are more vibrant – bright yellow walls, adorable signboards are some of those things that catch visitors’ eyes. It covers a wider land comparing to the first home. Wander along the flourish lanes or absorb mountainous views afar on the balcony. The simple lay-back time is luxurious for city-dwellers.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Prado Homestary|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Prado Homestary|TaiwanDay

Count the stars in your bath

Slow down, relax, imagine you’re at a vacation villa in the European countryside, and enjoy what the host has to offer: this is what you should do when you visit the Prado Homestay. One cannot help but gasp when entering the rooms as every intricate detail – from furniture, bedding, decorations, interior designs, to choice of colors – shows how much the owner cares. It is absolutely adorable and comfortable. It’s worth the trip even if you just muddle around in the room all day! Every room is equipped with massage bath tubes. In some rooms the bathrooms are designed partially on the balcony – guests may count the stars while enjoying a hot bath at night! Who wouldn’t want to just count them for the entire night!