Wonders’ dream come true at home

Lodging ★★★★★
environment  ★★★★★
Service ★★★★
Food and beverages  ★★★

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The smell of decade-old building

At first glance, the B&B seems like a regular south-eastern Chinese styled household, constructed with saddle-shaped roof. But take a closer look, you can just sense this mild exoticness. It is a mixture of Southeast Asian causal and South European passion. Located in the Chu-mountain village on the island Kinmen under the bring blue sky that bears a strong resemblance to that casting over the islands sitting in the Mediterranean Sea, Piano Piano B&B tells the story of its ancestors who traveled home from Southeast Asia to build this Minnan-styled house after business success. The house was constructed during the tenure of Ching Dynasty’s Guangxu Emperor, and was designed in a Southeast Asian-plus-South European style.

The owner of the hostel Yang Wan-ling had visited bed and breakfasts in more than 15 countries across Asia, the Americas, and Europe – in particular the British ones, and she wondered why in her hometown there was nothing of such kind. After she toured half way around the world, she returned to Kinmen only to realize that the ocean breeze and the simplicity and passion of locals are extremely unique. And it was on this special island she fulfilled her dream: Piano Piano B&B.

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Piano Piano B&B|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Piano Piano B&B|TaiwanDay

Characteristic mixture of new and old

At the preliminary stage of the construction, Yang overlooked every step and every design. She found that the white walls in traditional Minnan buildings too dull and serious, hence she took a bold step by using orange and yellow colors inspired by Tuscany to go with the red brick walls. Furthermore, she insisted that the bathroom walls were collaged by Mosaic tiles no more than 10 square centimeters big.

Consummate facilities, neat in details

There are a total of five rooms at Piano Piano B&B, locating on the sides on the main building. Take the Bach Classic Teak Room for instance, you will find only one bed the instant you enter the room, however it is in fact a double deck room where a spacious double sheet is made on the upper deck’s wooden floor. To keep guests warm – should they run into some chilly weathers in Kinmen – there are electric heaters under the bedspreads.

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Piano Piano B&B|TaiwanDay