Pass Happiness On

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Feeling the full happiness

In a�?Pass Happiness Ona�? lives a passionate couple who want to bring the most happiness to everyone who visits here. When stepping inside, people will feel like they are walking into Alicea��s wonderland. At here, we have all kinds of different fantasy corners, there are many spaces are combined in diversity. Our lobby is in a noble and elegant European style, with the cheerful and comfortable Bossa Nova music playing at the side, people may feel relaxed in no time.

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A creative space full of imaginations

Living in the a�?Pass Happiness Ona�?, you may feel free to hang around. Also, you may have a seat in the fancy and graceful velvet sofa zone and read some books. What else you can do is sit by the romantic French round table to have a cup of tea, or sit by the Spanish country style long wooden table to have some snacka�� Most importantly, here we have many different room styles, all of which fulfilling your dream of being a middle East oil businessman, a fantasy princess, a noble count or innocent maiden. Our rooms are in all kinds of atmosphere that make all the differences to your trip, and they are all spaces full of imaginations. Thanks to our hostess with her great artistic talent, she created these works that make our life and accommodation fulling with fruitful possibilities.

Do you want to experience the treatments of royalties and let your mind be free? Then come and visit Wujie Township in Yilan County! The a�?Pass Happiness Ona�? with lemon yellow appearance would enable you to embrace the wonderful little happiness!

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6 kinds of fantasy themes

Here we have rooms in 6 kinds of themes. We have themes in elegant breezing South France, fantasy princessa�� attic, romantic French sweetie, comfort joy fragrance, noble happy count and luxury fantasy land. All these are the places for people to run wild in their dreams. In addition to the changes of spaces, our considerate host also provides each room with two kinds of hard and soft pillows as well as super-size beddings. Therefore, the guests may choose a pillow that suits them best and has a good night sleep. On top of that, the host also prepared some souvenir for the guests. The souvenirs are hand-made soaps made by the hostess. By using high-quality olive oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil and other ingredients, the soap has a charming aroma and meticulous bubbles that can moisturize the skin.

Taste extreme happiness with beautiful scenery and cuisines

Guests staying here may enjoy afternoon tea prepared by the host. The meal differs with seasons, and you may have a chance to taste some hand-made cookies such as Swiss rolls and Valentine fruit made by the hostess. All you do is just relax and enjoy a leisure European style afternoon. In the early morning, the golden sun will shine through the rice-white curtain and sprinkled on the French-style velvet sofa. You may take a seat by the window and watch the green rice-field outside at the same time taste the exquisite and healthy breakfast. Let us enjoy the moment! It is so easy to embrace happiness here!

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