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The luxurious banquet

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Fine application with local ingredients
Besides carefully selected top quality ingredients, the restaurant also uses local resources from Taiwan, collaborating with farmers to integrate local elements in every restaurant under the Pasadena group. The founder believes that the only way to produce fine cuisine is with fine ingredients. A unique set of Taiwanese-modified French cuisine is hence designed and created by the hands of a top chef with 18 years of experience with French delicacies, bringing forth plates after plates of aesthetic dishes for the guests. The restaurant is decorated with fine arts, and there is a cultural space on the second floor with a variety of art work for guests to appreciate. Aesthetics combined with gourmet food sparks bright excitement.

Chefa��s menu

Welcoming starter: seafood-stuffed pastry cones with vanilla mayonnaise
This starter is not a fixed menu, which ingredients vary every day. The seafood-stuffed pastry cones are grilled foreign pastry sheets made from cheese and butter the filled with seafood and drenched with vanilla mayonnaise. Take a bite. The taste of rich sauce and seafood bites is full of surprises and layers.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - TExotic cuisine Pasadena French Restauranti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - TExotic cuisine Pasadena French Restauranti??TaiwanDay

Main course: braised Australian beef cheeks in Porter wine
This complex dish fries assorted vegetables in Porter wine before simmered with tomatoes and beef soup. Beef cheeks are added later and then cooled off to keep the juice. The entire procedure takes approximately three days including the cooling off in the end. Ita��s best taste three days later. The meat is chewy and delicate, melting on the tongue. One can enjoy the beef cheeks with the sauce alone, or have a taste of it with butter mash potatoes for a different experience.

Main course: Grilled lobster with caviar
Grilled lobsters barely seasoned provide their original flavors. Sweet beans create an extra layer of taste and an elegant sweetness.

A selection of homemade desserts based on an Expresso theme, all of which use coffee beans the restaurant imported themselves. There are coffee flavored ice cream, and coffee jelly with a little sorbet texture. There are also molecular cooking-inspired dishes, including honeycomb cake, opium chocolate, tangerine-flavored fried puffs, chocolate cake dicesa��etc. Having dessert here is as if attending a carnival. Ita��s plentiful, various, and full of surprises.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - TExotic cuisine Pasadena French Restauranti??TaiwanDay