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Palm Lakes Resort is located in the region where the Chianan Plain meets the peaks of Mount Ali and near the Renyitan Dam. It is a beautiful place at which people can enjoy both the scenery of the mountain and lakes at the same time.Dong-Yang Lee, the founder of the resort, expanded his business territory to the leisure industry. He went back and forth to Hawaii over ten times just to build a holiday resort with an exact feel of Hawaii at Fanlu Township in Chiayi County. “The Tropic of Cancer passes through Chiayi County and Hawaii is actually at the same latitude.” Said Dong-Yang Lee.

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If you are a golf-loving person or you just want to experience the delight of stroking, then you better not miss the golf course, designed by the Japanese architect, Yoshikazu Kato. Both professional and amateur players can feel free to have fun here. It is until the very recent six years that the cabin is opened for booking. Out of concern for the safety, visitors are not allowed walking freely on the green (an area of very closely trimmed smooth grass surrounding the hole, for players to make precision strokes on it) but can still view the green hilly land on the balcony of the cabin. When night falls, the twinkling lights of the town in the distance makes a tranquil landscape just like a painting.

Shown on the Cover of the Golf Course Magazine

You can see a row of palm trees swinging when the breeze blows and the lakes reflect all kinds of tropical plants and flowers. This beautiful scenery was once shown as the cover photo on the magazine of top 100 golf courses. “This year, we specially imported some stronger drought – tolerant plants which don’t easily wither in summer. In addition, you don’t even have to set an alarm clock in the days while you staying here because the sound of stroking balls would wake you up naturally,” said the associate manager, Ming-Huei Chen. The Water world amusement park, which only opens for summer time, has a rain forests landscape, a waterslide, fountains and waterfalls. The feel here is very much like Hawaii, which makes parents and children both have some quality time just in Chiayi without really going to Hawaii.

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - The Palm Lakes Resort|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Hotel - The Palm Lakes Resort|TaiwanDay

Non-members are Available to stay in the Palm Lakes Resort

The cabin of the Palm Lakes Resort is on the hill beside the fairway, which is constructed of the wood and rock of Mount Ali. The resort wins the popularity of Japanese visitors owing to the unique smell of the cabin. All 28 landscape-suites come with French windows, a balcony, and an excellent view of the golf course. The vintage sofa and the stone-paved floor and the bamboo-carving ceiling in the bathroom well reveal the exquisite artistic style of the suite. The cabin was only available for the golf club members of the resort, which used to have two single beds in a double room, but now it is completely open for everyone to visit without enrolling in the golf club. Everyone has a chance to experience a deluxe time of staying in the Palm Lakes Resort.

Breakfast Time: AM 5:30 ~ AM 9:30

The breakfast time starts from five thirty on account of the early birds who like to play golf at dawn. The Zi-Wei pavilion in the wooden building, beside the golf course, has a stonewall waterfall landscape in it and you can overlook the whole golf course on the other side. The breakfast here is buffet style. Some traditional Taiwanese food, such as sweet potato porridge, tofu, salted duck eggs and all sorts of appetizer, and some Western food such as sausages, bacon, and crescents, are served here. Others like omelets, fried egg and green onion eggs are freshly prepared as you order.

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - The Palm Lakes Resort|TaiwanDay