Open Your Heart

The founder of Open Yourself, Zhi De, said she is willing to share an easy, comfortable and tranquil spiritual feast with more people, because what everyone has gone through, she has experienced as well.

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Built among the fields in Yilan, Open Yourself is a place taking care of peoplea��s hearts. Here, you will have a chance to open your heart, wake up the inner self, discover the essence of life and realize what you really want. But first, you need to be willing to open your heart, even if it means opening the wounded hearta��which will hurt like having an operation without anesthetica��and touching the deepest wound. What followed by the pain, though, will be endless joy, satisfaction, and reward.

Simply Sharing Souls

As you walk through the gates which lead toward the heart, you will see an elegant house surrounded by the quiet and beautiful lake. There is no hard wall, only a view of endless fields. You can walk in the corridor of the main building at leisure, pick up a seat facing the lake wherever you like and admire the wooden stage in the middle of the lake. Your mind will calm down along with the breeze.

Do not shun away from this wonderful place simply because it is said to be a Buddhist monastery; it is only because Zhi De, a nun and the key figure of Open Yourself, believes in Bodhisattva and planned every corner according to the ten stages before becoming a Buddha, reminding people to keep learning. If you put the religion aside, this is just a place for you to dine, drink tea and share your soul with the nun, the staffs and even other guests.


Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Open Yourselfa��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Open Yourselfa��TaiwanDay

Live in the Present

On one hand, some modern people are busy working for their lives, their work, their family and others that they dona��t have enough time; on the other hand, some live without a purpose, so when a day passes, they have no idea what they are fussing about. Have you ever thought of stopping to spend a whole day by yourself quietly just really enjoying the feeling of living in the present? To those who are searching for what they actually want, Open Yourself also offers courses, including a�?one-on-one companya�?, a�?tranquil tea zena�?, a�?5Q: tracking your transformationsa�?, a�?slow living, soul calminga�? etc. Some courses are free and some are charged, so if you are interested, contact Open Yourself for further information.

Open Heart Tea Lounge (by reservation only)
The Tea Lounge in Open Yourself offers lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner.

Afternoon Tea with Snacks
NTD$ 200 / person
Service Hours: 14:00 a�� 17:00
You can choose Taiwanese tea, healthy tea, herbal tea or coffee with three handmade snacks.

Healthy Vegetable Chinese Hot Pot
NTD$ 350 / person
Service hours: lunch (11:30 a�� 14:00) and dinner (17:30 a�� 21:00)
The stock is simmered with seaweed, vegetables, and fruits and then thickened with collagen seaweed. Healthy five-grain rice is also served along with seasonal vegetables, all kinds of mushrooms, homemade meatballs and tofu. After the meal, indulge in homemade chocolate and a drink which you can pick from three choices.

Set Meal
NTD$ 350 / person
Service hours: lunch & dinner
Set Meal includes soup of the day, five-grain rice, and chefa��s special vegetable cuisines. You can enjoy thin Chinese-yam noodles with mustard soy sauce, Chinese veggie balls, spinach with kumquat marmalade and grilled veggie burgers. Although all dishes are vegetarian, each is so delicate that you simply cannot stop. After the meal, indulge in homemade chocolate and a drink which you can pick from three choices.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Open Yourselfa��TaiwanDay