NA�168 Prime Steakhouse in Grand Victoria Hotel

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NA�168 Prime Steakhouse is on the 4F in Grand Victoria Hotel. The warm color of its modern dining space and its professional open kitchen amaze customers at the first sight! The air always full of the aroma of food, making people hungry before ordering food.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - NA�168 Prime Steakhouse in Grand Victoria Hoteli??TaiwanDay

Fastidious about Firewood

The steakhouse owner imports two professional ovens, including Beech Ovens from Australia and Wood Stone from America. Furthermore, the chef uses American Oaks as the firewood for the ovens so all steaks, seafood, pork chops and lambs keep the tender, juicy texture and lightly emit a grilled smoked aroma. Every steak in the steakhouse is selected by the chef to guarantee the quality is good. The steakhouse owner specifically built a steak aging room to make sure every steak is aged to the best flavor when ita��s put into the oven. Besides, the premium Enomatic Wine Dispenser from Italy offers twelve kinds of select House Wine, allowing customers to match their dishes to the wine with the reasonable price.

Classic Top Cap Steak

Coming here for dining, when you sit down and get warm focaccia bread, the handmade breada��s soft, chewy texture will make you look forward to the following dishes. The best-seller is the top cap steak. It has attractive sweet juice and the tenderest texture. Ita��s the top choice for beef cuisine. As for USDA Dry-aged Montana Meyer Rib Eye Steak, you can enjoy its aroma and the rich flavor. The leading role in this steakhouse is not only the steak. Every dish here is quite amazing, which includes fresh wild oysters from Canada and fresh seafood selected daily by the chef from the fish market. These are gourmets that seafood lovers shouldna��t miss. Additionally, the tasty meat of the purebred Berkshire pig from America and the black pig from Miaoli is another choice that you cana��t miss. When coming to NA�168 Prime Steakhouse, youa��ll hope you have another stomach so that you can taste all cuisines during a meal.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - NA�168 Prime Steakhouse in Grand Victoria Hoteli??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - NA�168 Prime Steakhouse in Grand Victoria Hoteli??TaiwanDay


(Set meal for dinner includes the appetizer, starter, handmade bread, soup or salad, hot dish, main course, dessert, beverage.)

Appetizer (changed weekly): The chef with change a dozen of appetizers weekly. A shot of Beef Tomato Soup Aspic looks like gazpacho. It tastes a little bit spicy. Dip toasted tortilla in the aspic and eat it. Youa��ll find that ita��s yummy.

Starter (the image for reference only), Deep Sea Cobia: The new recipe is inspired by an Italian dish, carpaccio. The chef replaces the beef with fish and adds some salad. You can feel not only the chewy texture of cobia, but also the enjoyable flavor when eating it with sliced garlic, fresh vegetables and hazelnut-and-garlic-flavored mayonnaise. If you eat it with stewed Italian vegetables, ita��ll be more appetizing.

Salad, Fresh Potherb Salad: The steakhouse cooperates with the organic farm in Miaoli, using fresh vegetables, serving with handmade dried vegetables and fruits as well as some nuts. You can eat the salad with a warm sauce of pollock roes and cheese, which is made by the chef. It tastes light and healthy.

Main course, USDA Top Cap Steak: A cattle can only be cooked for eight to ten portions of steaks. The chef selects the part of meat covered on the rib eye, and roasts it in the premium oven. The steak is crispy and caramelized outside. Ita��s tender and luscious inside. Ita��s best to taste the original flavor, but you can eat it with three kinds of sea salts and three kinds of mustards served by the restaurant.

Main Course, Seared Seafood Combination: In this course, you can eat fat fish in season, prawns from Penghu and fresh scallops from Hokkaido. When you eat them with the sauce made from white wines, lemonade and cream, and the Provence stew rich in flavor of southern France, ita��s as happy as traveling worldwide to enjoy gourmet.


Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - NA�168 Prime Steakhouse in Grand Victoria Hoteli??TaiwanDay