Serving seafood fresh from the waters

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Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - New Palacei??TaiwanDay

In 1945, New Palace International Co. founders Mr. and Mrs. Oh opened the very first New Palace restaurant at No. 8, Minzu St. in the Town of Wuqi (not current location). After setting up additional restaurants in the east and north ends of town, the couple then moved the original (Wuqi) restaurant to the current address. This original restaurant is an elegant eight-story European style building with a high ceiling and bright foyer to welcome guests.

Here patrons can also take in introductions to various species of fish, fossils and local history and artifacts in the surrounding large displays.New Palace Restaurant is famous for its affordable dishes and banquet delicacies. You can taste of freshness of the seafood in every dish served throughout the ten-course meal.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - New Palacei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - New Palacei??TaiwanDay

Popular dishes include:

a�?Garlic clam stew: a delicious historic house specialty made with the best ingredients. Fried garlic and egg flakes are the secret to the tastiness of this dish which tastes even better with red vinegar
a�?Pumpkin rice noodles: the pumpkin and onion melts together and presents a natural sweetness.
a�?Steamed shrimp wrapped in lotus leaves: a dish that presents the natural sweetness of the shrimp with a light whiff of lotus leaf.
a�?Thai-style seafood salad: a light and popular appetizer.
a�?Braised goose slices: the cooked goose is braised in soup made with Chinese herbs and goose blood. This elaborate dish has 35 years of history and is a must-have for visiting foodies.
a�?Smoked halibut: the fish is slowly smoked with tea leaves and rice until fully cooked.
a�?Seafood taro porridge: another house specialty with more than five decades of history.
a�?Seafood pizza: the made-from- scratch pizza is loaded with fresh seafood and definitely will satisfy your seafood cravings.