Natural View guest house

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3,000-ping green land for you to play

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There are spacious green land and two kites. Located nearby Liyutan reservoir, Natural View guest house is where you can gallop on hillside, wander around, and feel free to fly. The main design of the guest house is for parents to be able to travel with children; let them play heartily on the lush green grassland.

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The grassland covers an area of over 3,000 pings. You can casually sit, comfortably stretch, lie on your back, freely run, or happily fly a kite on the grassland. The idol drama In Time with You selected this charming grassland for framing so many fans also come here.

Natural View guest house consists of the guest house and the restaurant designed by the owner who was once an interior designer. He chose the top stone and building materials used in hotels and decorated with his private collection of artworks so guests here feel they stay in a premium hotel and feel respected and exquisite enjoyment. The guest house sits on the top of the hill so there is an endless view that guests here can enjoy the 360-degree mountain and forest natural scenery, which is breathtaking. Spending vacation in a guest house is no longer immutable. You need to be able to freely and comfortably enjoy the green land and blue sky to have real relaxation.

Chic bathroom & intimate amenities

The guest house only has double rooms and quad rooms. Although it is the same type of room, there is something different. There may be a sofa bed or a sofa in the room; there may be a dresser or bedside table, or there may be a separate balcony with a view so that every time when guests come back they will feel something new or have a little surprise. And the bathroom here is fashionable and attractive in style. The owner used mosaic tiles made out of different materials such as copper, silver, and stone pieces to create unique wall pattern collages. Also, the spacious bathroom has a cozy Japanese style bathtub for guests to take a bath comfortably and wash away the tiredness. And the most attentive service is that there are two different softness of pillows in a room. One is thick; the other is thin. Guests can choose according to their preference and have the best night sleep.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Natural View guest housei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Natural View guest housei??TaiwanDay

Natural View Restaurant

Natural View restaurant has the shape of a kite symbolizing not only a kite freely flying, but also the ownera��s dream flying above the sky by opening this restaurant and guest house that he has dreamed about. The restaurant offers exquisite and luscious European cuisine, and ingredients change with the seasons. In addition to relaxing, having fun, and enjoying the scenery, guests who come here can also devour delicacies.

Recommended dishes:

Part of ingredients and dishes change with the seasons
Lamb chops with apple and mint sauce:
Appetizer a�� pineapple chicken cup: small and lovely appetizer pickled with minced garlic, chili, and diced pineapple. It tastes sour, sweet, spicy, and salty. After taking a bite, you will find it ice-cold and very appetizing.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Natural View guest housei??TaiwanDay