Surprising cake artwork

Vivid cake design

“Wow, such a cute dog,” “What a beautiful Barbie!” “What a gorgeous wedding cake!” these are comments which were often heard when most people see a Nancy cake. In fact, the delicate and vivid cake makes it hard for people to cut it.

Teacher Nancy likes to bake cakes. She has an American style oven for her to bake when she was in junior high school. When she was 22, she saw creative cakes made by Tang Qi. She was very inspired and resigned from a job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so she could delve into the world of creative cakes and learned the techniques in the U.S. and Japan.

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When she studied at the top Wilton cake decorating school in the U.S., she learned from many famous figures and successfully got a teacher’s license. Apart from teaching students, she also won many prizes in cake competitions.

When she returned to Taiwan, she opened Nancy Cake Studio in 1999 and taught students how to bake and decorate cakes. She was extremely busy teaching and making cakes on a daily basis, but she was gratified to do so.

Praised by eminent people and celebrities

When she first started the career, it was not very successful. However, her passion and excellent techniques for cakes were later praised by many companies and famous figures. Remaining low-profile as usual even after becoming famous, she still put hard work into making every cake. This has moved many well-known people, and they would order cakes from her to celebrate special occasions. Besides creative cakes, erotic cakes are also popular in the shop. The vivid design makes people blushing. When you cut the cake open, a balloon would even burst.

Nancy has helped other people to achieve their dreams and spread joy. She also accomplished her own objective one after another. Her next goal is to open a cake museum.

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Nancy Cake│TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Nancy Cake│TaiwanDay

Creative cakes:

cute dogs, vivid barbies, designer bags, and romantic wedding cakes are all available. Apart from the ready-made cakes, exclusively customized cakes are also offered. Many flavors of the layers for chiffon cake can be selected, from taro, coffee mousse, truffle chocolate, coffee hazelnut, mixed fruit, vanilla, blueberry, peach, and black cherry. Pudding or attap seeds can also be added.

Carrot cake: low-sugar and healthy cake with raisins and cinnamon, charming flavor has conquered many celebrities, good for gift or for yourself.

Pineapple cake: nicknamed most beloved by Taiwanese businessman, huge size with crispy but not greasy peel, the filling is soft and delicate, good gift for special occasions.


Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Nancy Cake│TaiwanDay