Tour Guide Muyi Chen

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Sharing the Beauty of Kaomei Wetland with Everone

Taiwan Travel : Interview - Tour Guide Muyi Cheni??TaiwanDay

He was a local in Kaomei and worked in the stainless steel industry; in addition, he had a Minshuku in Kaomei District. Chen grew up in Kaomei and played on the beach since he was little; therefore, he loved this land with all his heart. From the 92nd year of the Republic Era, he started community development and field study with the residents.

Slowly knowing more about this precious land and discovering the beauty of Kaomei in different aspects, Chen hoped to share his findings with more people. As a result, they formed a team to provide guided tours for visitors, in hopes of helping them better understand this wetland so that they would fall in love with it, preserve it, as well as promote it.

Taiwan Travel : Interview - Tour Guide Muyi Cheni??TaiwanDay