Embracing a stunning mountain and sea view

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While driving all the way up to the winding hills from the east coast of Dulan, sea view gradually fading away, coming with luxuriant, lush forests and the fragrance of green grass and trees in the air, this is an unimaginable secret place to enjoy sea views. If you drive pass the Dulan bay without visiting a�?secret spotsa�? and have an afternoon tea, then you just miss the best chance of seeing a stunning sea view.

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The best view from a terrace

10 years ago, the owner moved to Taitung and opened his first B&B a�?Moonrise Inn.a�? Owing to great feedback, he found another land to run his second B&B in the year 2011 called a�?Dreamsky Inn,a�? but sold out Moonrise Inn in year 2013. He has been concentrating on Dreamsky Inn that only provides 3 rooms, and it may be a drop in the bucket if restricted to guests living only. Hence, it is also opened to guests making an appointment of afternoon tea so that the opportunity of seeing the view has been greatly increased.

While entering a�?Dreamsky Inn,a�? luxuriant flowers and trees come into view and space is much wider inside. The best spot of the entire view is standing on a terrace of the house. Hence, it becomes the most desirable place during sunny days. Dreamsky Inn is situated on the hillside of Dulan mountains at the perfect location, with azure blue ocean in front while overlooking a bay, and with plains, highways, and mountains view from the side. From here extending to North and South, you can see Jiamuzih bay, Dulan coast, Shanyuan and Fugang. It seems that the entire world is shrinking beneath your feet. The owner said the view here is like a ship cruising in mountains.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Secret Spotsi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Secret Spotsi??TaiwanDay

Number control to enjoy views leisurely

B&Ba��s hall has a total area of 216.5 square meters without columns, constructed by three different materials, driftwood, cobblestone and Shell Ginger respectively, representing the nature materials of Taitung. The hall is also a creation of local workshops or artists. Seats are spacious, saving a lot of space for guests to go around. If you want to be in a trance, they also provide deck chairs for you to lie down comfortably. However, the owner limits the number to 20 people per day. If you dona��t want to miss it, make sure you reserve it in advance.


The afternoon tea set offers various kinds of drinks, homemade dessert and fresh fruit with a single price NT$300. By using Belgium royal coffee maker to make coffee, there is always a cry of excitement when coffee is served. Their dessert has waffles and scones, especially their specialty scones that differs from others. By using native eggs, the scones are more springy and chewy that they offer black tea flavor and coffee flavor coming with honey or homemade jams. Additionally, they also offer herbal tea harvested from their garden and milk tea with fresh milk. Not many choices are offered but with a sufficient volume. In addition to the scenery of mountains and sea before, it is the best accompanied by afternoon tea and it is so memorable.

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