Mi-Duo-Lu Forest BnB

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Being free and easy as if strolling in the medieval Europe

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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Mi-Duo-Lu Forest BnBi??TaiwanDay

The Mi-Duo-Lu (meaning a�?greena�? in Japanese) Forest BnB is located among the woods of over a thousand mahoganies. It has a lush and grassy lawn at the front and two hospitable pet dogs welcoming every guesta��s arrival. The romantic and elegant classical music sometimes accompanies the sweet sound of Taiwan Barbets (the Chinese name for the bird is a�?five-colored birda�? referring to the five color on its feathers.) lingering in the forest. And also, people can have afternoon tea on the outdoor wooden deck in the breeze and ease into a state of a complete realization on the teakwood rocking chairs.

The ownera��s second-born son who runs a successful international cabin engineering business built this European style cabin. He adopted a Canadian architecta��s design blueprint and used Canadian cypress to construct the cabin and its attic, which evokes a sense of luxury and coziness. The atmosphere makes people have the illusion of being in medieval Europe and have a chance to experience the carefree manorial lifestyle here.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Mi-Duo-Lu Forest BnBi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Mi-Duo-Lu Forest BnBi??TaiwanDay

A Variety of Sensational Enjoyment

Mr. Wang is an 85-year-old retired English teacher and the spiritual figure in the ownera��s family. He sometimes spontaneously plays his self-learn western old songs and Taiwanese folk songs. The high ceiling structure of the cabin floods the dining room on the first floor with natural light. There are plenty of delicate decorations on the European style mantelpiece. Sitting on the sturdy chess-like chairs while enjoying the gourmet dishes and beautiful music is absolutely a sensational ecstasy!

Breakfast Time: AM 7:30 ~ AM 10:00

There are two choices, the continental and the traditional Taiwanese breakfast. Basically, the continental breakfast is sandwiches. The sandwiches contain apples, pineapples, meat floss and eggs combining the sweet and sour tasted all in one. Customers give their sandwiches a a�?five-stara�? rating. The traditional Taiwanese breakfast includes sweet potato porridge, pumpkin porridge, dumplings and so on.

Official website a�� http://www.midoli.net.tw/

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Mi-Duo-Lu Forest BnBi??TaiwanDay