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When talking about those aboriginal tribes in Taitung, besides Puyuma, there are other tribes such as Amis, Paiwan, Rukai, Tao and Kavalan. These tribes form Taitunga��s various eating cultures. Located on the street of Taitung city, a�?Mibainai food courta�? is one of the aboriginal style restaurant recommended by many local people. Here we have creative dishes that you can find nowhere else. The dining space of the restaurant uses big oil paintings to decorate. These oil paintings depicted much of the customs and feelings of Aboriginal culture by using bight green and yellow dots coloring the whole space, which brings a happy and cheerful atmosphere to the restaurant.

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Local ingredients and elites

Ten years ago, the owner of the restaurant changed his career due to health concerns. He transferred from politics to catering and started to run a restaurant. The owner has a special persistence in delicious food, hoping that his guests can taste the original flavor of the ingredients. His goal is to provide dishes using fresh ingredients without too much flavoring. Therefore, most of the sauces in his restaurant are all home-made sauces. By doing so, the owner not only meets his own philosophy but also reassured his customers for quality food. On top of that, he also hopes to open some job opportunities for local aboriginals, so most of the employers in his restaurant are aboriginals. The restaurant uses local Taitung specialty as ingredients, like rice from Guanshan area. We add some sweet potato to the rice to make it tasty and chewy. With some grilled mackerel on the side, you will definitely want to have some more. Our desserts are also made from locally cultivated Roselle in Taitung, the pickled Roselle calyx with ice forms the best cooling dessert in summer.

Recommended dishes

Drift wood barbecue: We use peeled fine pork without cartilage to soak into the beer for flavoring, then we grilled the meat on the drift wood. This dish is crunchy and tasty, and not greasy at all.

Mountain orange meat: This dish is using a�?Valenciaa�? cultivated in Taitung. Valencia is a kind of originated from AA�ores island in Portugal, because of its longer lifespan, it is sweeter with also a stronger smell. We use its peel and pulp to mix with fried pork, which gives the whole dish a sweet and sour orange aroma. With this, the dish tastes very fresh and delicious.

Mountain raw fish (lemon fish): This dish includes raw fish made from swordfish freshly delivered from the port. If you are lucky, you may have the opportunity to taste some swordfish with red meat. The aboriginals usually eat raw fish with sliced lemon peel thread by rolling the lemon thread inside the raw fish with some sauce.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Mibainai food courti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Mibainai food courti??TaiwanDay

Milky roasted cuttlefish: This dish has no attractive appearance, but it is the best dish that goes with wine. It is not that easy to put cooked cuttlefish flat on the plate, so we use special tips to cut the cuttlefish. After that, we roast the flat cuttlefish with some special sauce to keep it rich in flavor.

Wine cooked chicken: We use chicken legs originally grown in Taitung, and fried it with some sesame oil, soy sauce and wine. The chicken cooked in special flavor goes pretty well with rice. It tastes really nice and not too salty.

Sugar cane core: In this dish, we use the new born sprout of Taitung sugar cane. The sugar cane sprouts look like bamboo shoots, but it does not have any sour taste. Instead, it tastes really fresh and crunchy, which makes the dish pretty unique.

Coral mushrooms: The coral mushrooms fried with green, yellow, red pepper and some lotus seeds would be the best try for those who like mushrooms.

Fried eggs and sliced meat soup: Do not be misunderstood, this dish is not about the frying whole egg. Instead, this is a special combined soup made by boiling egg crisps, thin-sliced meat, tofu, tomatoes, mushrooms and other ingredients.

Grilled bamboo shoots: This is the most popular dish in our restaurant, you may see it on almost every table. We use corn as the core, wrapped it around with sliced pork and then grill it until it is well done. This creative dish smells good and tastes crunchy, the owner of the restaurant even applied a patent for it.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Mibainai food courti??TaiwanDay