Mediterranean Seaview Villa

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Blue and white, all Greece-like

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Sit back, relax and think about nothing

With a magnificent view of the sea and a vast backyard, the Mediterranean Seaview Villa is painted mainly in blue and white, creating an exotic atmosphere as if located in Greece. Every bit of construction and plantation in the villa is built by the ownera��s entire family. At every corner you can feel the hospitality of them. Morning, noon, or evening, any time is perfect to lie on the outdoors bench, sip a cup of hot tea, read a book, and enjoy the sea breeze, listen to the waves clashing onto the beach, or appreciate the endless view, think about nothing. The relaxation is just purely amazing! At night, lean against the windows or sit back on the balcony chair, you are accompanied by the starry sky as well as the night view of the port. It is a totally different feeling from that of the morning. Lie down and fall asleep in the rhythm of the waves.

Picturesque view of the sea

Named after the 12 horoscopes matching the Mediterranean theme, the guest rooms are vivid in colors, offering a mood for vacation. The spaciousness and massage shower panels equipped in the bathrooms just upgraded the comfort of staying at the villa. The best feature of the villa, no doubt, is the incomparable view of the sea. It is as if a master painting, capturing all the hearts of the visitors. Latest additions to the villa are spa pools with view, steam rooms, and saunas, making it even more necessary to pay a visit!

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Mediterranean Seaview Villai??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Mediterranean Seaview Villai??TaiwanDay


Operating hours: 07:00 am to 09:00 am
There are western breakfast and buffet to choose from. On the western breakfast menu, there are toasts, ham, salad, fruits and juice, which is extremely healthy. As for the buffet, there are sweet potato porridge, dumplings, fried vegetables, pork floss, pickles, soy bean milk, juice, and fruits. The buffet is abundant and fully satisfying, gets you ready for a new day!


Operating hours: 05:30 pm to 07:00 pm
To eat like locals, you must have seafood. On the menu there are tuna sashimi, cottonii salad, sweet and spicy shrimp, squid balls, sausages, squids, and fried rice with shrimp. Cottonii is one of the traditional dishes. It is crunchy and sweet.