Combination of Paris and Bali

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The extraordinary train show

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Maple Housei??TaiwanDay

Located beside the railway, Maple House is a beautiful glass house surrounded by coconut groves, maples, and a lake. In addition to fantastic panorama, visitors here will also see various trains passing, including orange, green, grey, white, and even colorful one. More than 200 trains will pass here every day; Tze-Chiang Limited Express, Chu-Kuang Express, Taroko Express, Puyuma Express, Ordinary Train, and so on, are all could be seen. As a railfan, you must visit here and indulge in this extraordinary train shows.

Straight line, slash line, curve, or geometric graphics, such as circular, oval, and square, are everywhere in the inside area. With some exquisite furnishing, the whole interior space looks modern and fashionable. Moreover, embellished with some Bali style elements, the interior space brings visitors some kind of comfortable, cozy ambiance. On the outside area, guest could take a walk at the trail beside a pool, rest on the lounge chair, and listening to the gurgling water. Just let the sudden tranquility, chirping birds, whistling trains, and the gurgling water present a fantastic symphony for you.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Maple Housei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Maple Housei??TaiwanDay

Elegant yet leisure
Accommodation rooms here combine the elegancy of Fresh style with the coziness of Bali style. 6 rooms have 6 different styles, which could definitely make your satisfied. For those who love exquisite and romantic decorations, a room called a�?Princess Dianaa�? would be a great choice. White and some kind of dreamy bedspreads, a silky bedstead, an arc-shaped rattan lift, and the rose-pattered wall paper, as well as a black and white colored recliner, bring the whole room a luxurious atmosphere. a�?Romantic Clouda�? is suitable for a group of family or friend gathering and enjoying a great time together. Filled with Bali ambiance, a�?Champs Balia�? and a�?Blue Balia�? are furnished with wooden furnishings. The leisure atmosphere makes reading a book on the sofa, lying on the lifts doing nothing, taking a shower, or enjoying beautiful views outside the windows a real delight.

Afternoon tea: 15:00~17:00

Western afternoon tea is seasonal, which include handmade fried banana, bun, fruit cheese, exquisite cakes, fruits, and juice. With the cozy background Bossanova, sitting the seat beside the floor-to-ceiling windows, visitors immerse in the incredible scenery outside and sometimes a trainA�going by.A�At the meanwhile, you savor the delicious fried banana with honey mustard sauce, tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Such relaxing and wonderful moment only those who actually experience will know.

Breakfast: 08:00~09:00

The color of the breakfast is as attractive as a fabulous painting. Handmade bread, soup, Italian salad, cold noodle with sesame, fresh fruits, juice, coffee, and hot tea bring you a terrific beginning to the day.

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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Maple Housei??TaiwanDay