Bei Men Pork Pottage with Garlic Flavor

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Garlic flavor like no other!

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Bei Men Pork Pottage with Garlic Flavora��TaiwanDay

The smell of garlic can be sensed a distance away from the store itself. The 50-year-old shop has no trouble with attracting customers a�� both old and new a�� all lined up at its door.

In 1966, the mother of the current owner Mr. Lin Jia-hung, also the founder of Bei Men Pork Pottage, discovered by chance that the additional flavor of garlic in pork pottage actually adds depth to the common dish. Moreover, a distinguished taste lingers in mouth after savoring the dish a�� one thing you dona��t experience with any other pork pottages.

In terms of ingredients, the meat is carefully chosen by the owner, and then after a long list of gastronomic procedures such as pickle, flavor, blanch, and steam, the pork is finally ready to be cooked. The garlic is the final step of the culinary creation, which brings a complex spice to the dish. Many cannot help being addicted to it!

The sensational flavor was soon widespread in Yilan as well as other areas in Taiwan. Many visitors traveled a long way to taste this renowned delicacy. Long queues remain throughout weekends and weekdays. The current owner, who is the second generation operating the store, has expanded its scale and opened a second branch just a few steps down the street designed in a more modern style.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Bei Men Pork Pottage with Garlic Flavora��TaiwanDay