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The beautiful ruins

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Arts of the railway

The historical Longteng Bridge, originally known as the Yutengping Broken Bridge, is located between Tai-an train station and Sheng-shing Station. Built over the Yutengping River, it measures approximately 200 meters. Constructed in 1905 during Japanese colonial period, the bricks of the bridge were cemented with glutinous rice. The width of each brick was different and each bore various marks. Elevated 50 meters off ground, it is the highest segment along the mountain railway line. At the time it was constructed, the piers were not made of iron nor concrete, but from red bricks and granite for balance and to provide shock absorbing capacity.

With elegant arches, the Longteng Bridge now functions for only a tourist spot for visitors. Even though the complete construction is no longer appreciable, the ruins provide another kind of sentiment for sight-seers. It is currently one of the few remaining glutinous rice bridges in the nation. One may also call it the masterpiece of railway arts. During the season of Tung flowers, the view is breathtaking with snowflake flowers in the background, highlighting the four standing momentous piers. It doesna��t have to be during the Tung flower season for the historical bridge to provide such stunning picture. Whenever the sun is shining, the color of the red bricks forms a spectacular contrast with the blue sky. The scene is already gaspingly magnificent.

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Longteng Bridgei??TaiwanDay