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Three attitudes and three ways to enjoy food

The three attitudes that chef Chen cherishes are professional cooking skills, patience, and friendliness. The first one is handed down from the chefa��s grandfather, who is able to preserve the original flavor of food. The second attitude, patience, is about being patient when cooking. The third one, friendliness, is about treating\ customers as family, using the most natural ingredient and material to cook Taiwanese cuisines and making the customers feel welcomed.

There also three ways to enjoy the food. The first is to taste. The second is to admire the exquisite utensils and the artistic space of the restaurant. The third is to listen, listen to waiters talk about the stories about the dishes. The restaurant is built mostly by China fir and delicate ceramics. Also, each private room is named after Chinese herb, which brings an oriental feeling to the restaurant. In this restaurant, customers can see how traditional and modern elements meet and create a beautiful story about delicious cuisines.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - LINK Handmade Cuisinei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - LINK Handmade Cuisinei??TaiwanDay

The practice of life: This dish needs long time to cook to get good flavors just like people need a long time of practices to face different challenges to have a full life. The cook first uses Chinese herbs like mesona, codonopsis pilosula and black dates to cook boned chickens for 6 hours, and then he puts the big black dates in chicken wings and cook them for another 2 hours.