Linyi Fine Pastry Shop

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The savory cake made for the emperor now everyone can enjoy

As a century-old store with long-lasing fame, Linyi Fine Pastry Shop, as small as it was, looked so modest on the outside, when I entered I was shocked to see a steady stream of customers coming in and out the tiny store. The heavy flow of visitors that I witnessed was really unbelievable!

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Well-preserved century-old sweet taste

The founder of Linyi Fine Pastry Shop, Lin Guo, living in the time when trade between two sides of Taiwan Strait was very active, learned how to make a savory cake from an imperial pastry chef of Qing Dynasty, the extraordinary taste immediately made itself famous around Wuqi Pier. The family business is now run by the 4 th generation, Mr. Lin and his sister. It has also been carried forward to the 5 th generation, Mr. Lina��s son.

Lots of their pastries are made by the traditional process and have some historical backgrounds. Mr. Lin explained to me, pointing at the generations of cake molds displaying in the store, the history of how the imprint designs changed from one time period to another. During Qing Dynasty, they were mainly native tribal totems, in Japanese colonial period, they mainly were a�?Carp Leaping over Dragon Doora�? or peonies, or images of flowers and birds, in the early years of the Republic of China, they were mostly a�?a zhuang yuan (a valedictorian in ancient time) on the horsea�? or animals like frogs, shrimps, chickens, turtles etc., nowadays, there are oil press mold, hand press mold, or air press mold. As time goes on, bakeware keeps evolving, getting better and nicer.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Linyi Fine Pastry Shopi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Linyi Fine Pastry Shopi??TaiwanDay

Star Cakes

Since Qing Dynasty, the appearance and the taste of star cakes have never changed. Therea��re absolutely no artificial additives. Next time when you visit Linyi Fine Pastry Shop youa�� must have a taste of this wonderful cake. The original flavor has been carried through 4 generations! Taste it to see how delicious it is!

Savory Cake

The most popular is this savory cake made to their generations old family recipe. Mr. Lin told me privately they used only 3 basic ingredients for the cake itself: eggs, sugar, flour, absolutely no artificial flavors or leavening agents added. And the filling
is made of pork, shallots, dried shiitake mushrooms, and soy sauce. When you balance the flavor with both sweet and salty ingredients, youa��ve got healthier choices of foods. The cooking process is quite complicated and time-consuming, it takes at least 2 hours to make. No wonder it has been around for 102 years, and has become touristsa�� favorite take-home gift.

Cinnamon cake

According to Mr. Lina��s study, their cinnamon cake is most popular among nine-to- five folks and young women. Ita��s a dessert with a delicate and elegant taste. When you bite into it, you can taste bits and pieces in the red bean paste, and the rich cinnamon flavor will burst in your mouth. It is a unique flavor. During Japanese colonial period, it even traveled abroad to Kyoto, Japan, and was awarded a�?Excellent Pastrya�? by the Japanese emperor. I highly recommend it!

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Linyi Fine Pastry Shopi??TaiwanDay