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Biggest Lodge in Asia

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The Hotel Favored by Presidents

Located by the Sun Moon Lake and known as the biggest lodge in Asia, Lealea Garden Hotel is a cypress building and has been established for more than twenty years. As you enter the lobby, the view of the lake comes into sight through the ceiling windows. The entrance has two wooden stairs on either side of the opening, which leads to the upstairs rooms. Manor interior design, which puts emphasis on symmetry, evokes nostalgia and elegance. Cathedral ceiling and shining marble floors highlight the magnificent lobby. If you pay more attention, on the wall those photos in black and white or in color show the domestic or international presidents who have visited Lealea over the past years, including President of Nauru, King of the Kingdom of Tonga, Prime Minister of Singapore, Prime Minister of Germany and the former presidents in Taiwan. The reason is that Lealea is an honor villa assigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for foreign VIP reception for years and was assessed as a Superstar Hotel by the Star Service in the U.S.

Lealea Garden Hotel provides a variety of facilities, including indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, gym, pool table, KTV, and even the chess room. Guests who love cycling can rent bicycles and roam along the lake to enjoy the cool breeze and the beauty of Sun Moon Lake and the mountains.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Lealea Garden Hotelsi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Lealea Garden Hotelsi??TaiwanDay

Special Reservation for Fishing off The Balcony

As you open the door, take a deep breath and you will smell the natural light fragrance from cypress. Seeing rose petals spreading on the bed and the beautiful view out of the window, your mind would come up with a kind of leisure. Rooms are categorized into several types according to the view and numbers of guests. If guests reserve the Fishing off the Balcony, they will stay in the double room with lake view on the third floor. Our staff will prepare fishing rods and baits in advance to let you take delight in fishing. As you hook a fish, you can choose either to let it go or to ask the staff to make a Gyotaku for you. As for the family tour, guests can choose penthouse family suite, a kind of bungalow. The wooden staircase leads up to another open space. Guests seem to stay in a cabin in the forest and feel refreshed and relaxed.

Breakfast Buffet 07:00i?z10:00
The buffet offers a variety of food, including baked bread, mashed potato, salad, scrambled eggs, Guabao, plain congee and side dishes, fruit and all kinds of drinks.A� Start your day with a great breakfast at Lakeview Restaurant. Besides satisfying your cravings, the gorgeous view of Sun Moon Lake brings you the best visual enjoyment.

Afternoon Tea 14:00i?z17:00
The British afternoon tea set is served on a three-tier curate stand. It offers salty snacks and sweet ones, including sandwiches, handmade cookies, panna cotta, naan bread, cake, mochi, and all kinds of fruit served with fresh fruit tea. You can either dine in the Lakeview Restaurant or have the room service to enjoy a non-disturbing afternoon.


Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Lealea Garden Hotelsi??TaiwanDay