Japanese Zen Style Green Building

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The Tranquil Spot by Liyu Lake

Stony and winding paths, murmuring stream, accompanied by luxuriant flowers and trees, make the first impression on the Lake’s Heart located not far away from Liyu Lake.

Lake’s Heart provides accommodations of type I, II and III. Its green building, whose adoption of natural ambient light along with warm wooden texture reveal still and a deep sense of Zen, is an answer to the initiative in saving energy and reducing carbon. Once check-in, guest can unpack, have a rest and a glass of ownera��s homemade juice of home-grown mulberry and lemon, and relax in the sour and sweet fruity taste before rushing into accommodation; or pick a movie on the shelf at the counter or dip into a book at own room or on the sofa. When tempted by the scenery of Hualien, just hit and stroll along the paths by the hostel; Liyu Lake is not far away. Ita�?s exceptionally pleasant to bathe yourself in the scenery with hills and waters.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Lake's Hearti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Lake's Hearti??TaiwanDay

Breakfast Session: 07:30 – 10:00
Breakfast provides a sandwich, Taiyaki, fruits, jelly, coffee, and drinks. A mouthful of sandwich is filled with satiating boiled egg, pork floss, hams, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. The fresh-baked Taiyaki on hand, a childrena��s favorite fish-shaped Japanese cake, is of crunchy crust and soft inside. Fruit snack is seasonal and fresh. Homemade granular jelly is made of fresh fruits by the owner.

Refreshment in Sweet CafA�
Hours: 08:30 – 17:30 (Closed on Thursdaysi?�
Along the outdoor paths, the Sweet CafA� nearby is run by the same owner. The CafA� is small and bright inside, with an outdoor green yard and seats allowing guest to enjoy the leisure of afternoon time. Lodger has serviced an ice cream on the house, whose ingredients are local Farmersa�� Association of Ji’ana�?s specially cultivated chestnut pumpkin and taro, presenting a rich but non-excessive taste. To share, an extra set of muffin or light meal is a good choice.

Laid-Back Fish Feeding in Landscaping

Room over here is on the theme of Japanese Zen style, blending comfort and functionality of western facility in a simple and elegant setting. Besides, each room has large French window; looking out, ita��s stylish Japanese landscaping. The owner has the ingenuity to use the lay of the land to draw into spring water to form streamlet, keeping a shoal of colorful carp. Opening up door and window, feeling the breeze of nature, forget the age and have fun to play fish-feeding. Ita��s so pleasant to watch fish swimming in the surroundings of greens and flowing water.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Lake's Hearti??TaiwanDay