A Romantic meal by the lakeside

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With an eye for detail, the owner with a background in interior design transformed this dilapidated abandoned building with overgrown weeds into the a�?Lake Housea�? of today, surrounded by breathtaking views of mountains and the lake.

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Providing astonishing views, Lake House is a place which offers both fine French dining and B&B services. Southern pine floors laid in front of the restaurant present a leisurely atmosphere with the outdoor umbrella area, one of the most desirable seating spots during nighttime. With endless visions, it is a place of ever-changing views; sunsets during summer, autumn mass of clouds in the distant Guandao Shan, and thin layers of fog resting on the lake in the early morning during winter will take your breath away. Visitors will sit under the trees with a cup of coffee, stare at the tranquil waters of the lake and listen to the calls of the birds in the distance, enjoying its serenity and beauty. However, to manage the number of visitors, reservations must be made.

Classic prosciutto caprese salad is adorned with a bit of pesto, olive oil and vinaigrette, while the cooked appetizer, flamed tuna with ratatouille, has herbed tuna fillets first marinated, then grilled on the surface, sprinkled with French sea salt and eaten with the ratatouille. Porcini cappuccino is various kinds of mushrooms slow cooked and blended and made into a soup, before adding small amounts of milk foam, truffle oil, and sprinkled with parsley and porcini powder. Fragrant and milky, it will leave a tasty sensation in your mouth. Tourenedo Rossini, which uses American fillet mignon, is the main entrA�e, where the meat is first grilled on both sides to seal the juices in, before plating with pan-fried foie gras and truffle slices. This goes well with some added Hawaiian volcano sea salt or madeira sauce. Try eating the steak with the foie gras and you will experience an explosion of flavors.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Lake housei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Lake housei??TaiwanDay

Why not go on a culinary journey by heading to the Lake House on the weekends and relaxing while dining on exquisite authentic French cuisine, prepared by a chef from the schools of Le Cordon Bleu.