A paradise hidden in the mountains

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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Villa Kurasui??TaiwanDay

Multiple room types offered

In order for every guest to feel at home, the villa offers various types of rooms with different characteristics, all of them designed and decorated with great care. Bathtubs are designed to be half indoors/half outdoors, so guests can enjoy a hot-and- cold herbal bath. There are also rooms with bathing areas for families for four or parties of two. The houses are connected by porches which allow guests to walk around and mingle. The guest house area is circled within a wooden fence which ensures the guests staying for the night can rest and relax in peace and quiet.

Since the villa owner insists on doing everything by himself, he not only built and maintains this wonderful villa, but also grows plenty of mountain vegetables in his garden. Thanks to him, villa guests can enjoy delicious delights made with fresh ingredients. Here at Villa Kurasu, you can take in the breathtaking and ever-changing mountain scenery, or take a walk around the Songhe Aboriginal Village. For a 30-minute roundtrip, you can visit historical sites such as the Taiwan Cypress houses built during the Japanese Occupation Period (which once served as the Forestry Bureau employee dormitory), and the Presbyterian church that was established soon after WWII ended. When you are at Villa Kurasu, dona��t think, just relax. Sit down on a bench or in a A�quiet corner, appreciate the butterflies and lush mountains, and enjoy yourself!

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Villa Kurasui??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Villa Kurasui??TaiwanDay

Afternoon Tea

Choose one from the following beverages: flora and fruit tea, coffee or juice.A�A delicate afternoon tea is prepared with care by the owners for the guests to enjoy during their break from morning adventures. The impressive set includes crunchy handmade chocolate cookies, delicious ice cream waffles and seasonal fruit.

Weekend Afternoon Tea (not included in room rates)

Price: adult (min.) NT 250/person; children (min.) NT 180/person (kids under 100 cm eat free)A�Not available to publicA�between Monday and Friday.Menu includes garden salad made with garden vegetables, vegetable risotto, Villa KurasuA�country A�style pizza, and classic homemade cake. (Please reserve as early as possible.)

Breakfast (included in room rate)

Served: Menu changes every season.
Breakfast at Villa Kurasu is no simple matter. Guests are treated to a hearty meal that combines Chinese and western flavors. The owner believes that a�?a bowl of warm soup is the best thing to break your fast!a�?, so the first dish for breakfast is a bowl of hot noodles made with fresh pumpkins, mountain vegetables direct from the gardens, local wild mushrooms, and slices of fresh pork. Handmade bread leavened under the sun is served with an omelet seasoned with a pinch of organic spices and organic sweet potatoes. Fresh seasonal fruit and coffee round up this delicious breakfast which is guaranteed to give you a wonderful start for the day!

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Villa Kurasui??TaiwanDay