The Kingbeef Restaurant

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Since in the Qing Dynasty

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - The Kingbeef Restauranti??TaiwanDay

Fresh meat from head to tail

Operated over a century, it is not east for the Kingbeef Restaurant to maintain its high customersa�� rating. Set up in 1897, the store began with nothing but a trolley and is now run by the fourth generation. Its dishes has endured tests and challenges through time.

The restaurant has been awarded a�?The Centurya��s Restaurant,a�? winning its fame with its unique and delicious dishes. All the news reports and celebritiesa�� autographs hanging in the living room show off its glamorous history as guests put on more expectations. All sorts of beef dishes can be find on the menu. The owners say that the restaurant uses only local breed beef, and adds no additives so as to keep the original flavors within. I felt sweetness at my first sip, and then the more I took in, the smoother it got. Only ginger is used for the beef soup, keeping the flavors simple when the texture is complex and rich.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - The Kingbeef Restauranti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - The Kingbeef Restauranti??TaiwanDay

Differentiated from the fried beef noodles served at other restaurants, the Kingbeefa��s is flavored with curry. This is one of the most recommended dishes on the menu. Some even say you could get hook on it after one taste! Never miss out the beef plate. I recommend the assorted dish with sirloin, tripe and tendon. The tendons are chewy, the tripe smells nice, while the sirloin are crunchy. Enjoy several textures in one dish!