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The Red Bean Rice Tamale Ia��ve heard so much about

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Moma��s Recipe, Genuine Hakka

When I arrived in the store, the nice good-looking boss lady and her young assistant were bustling around, preparing customersa�� orders. The assistant is as good-looking as a pop star, hea��s actually the boss ladya��s son, whoa��s serving in the military. Working smoothly, the boss focused all the attention on taking the cooked rice tamales out to hang, those of who in the store were either frequent customers or curious tourists attracted by their fame. Even though theya��re all having tube rice pudding, pig knuckle stew or sparerib stew noodle, or other specialty dishes, I just wanted to have a taste of that out-of- this-world red bean rice tamale Ia��ve been hearing about.

Their tube rice pudding has been very successful and well-known. As a matter of fact, because of her mothera��s Hakka heritage, 28 years ago, she started her home- operating business taking private orders, selling authentic Hakka style rice tamales that her mom had taught her to make. Ita��s been 18 years since she and her husband opened Genuine Tube Rice Pudding Shop. Her daughter and her two sons have been helping out ever since they were little. Of course, the family business will be someday handed over to them!

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Qingshuia��s Genuine Tube Rice Pudding Shopsi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Qingshuia��s Genuine Tube Rice Pudding Shopsi??TaiwanDay

Tube Rice Pudding

They choose high-quality rice from southern Taiwan, which has the right chewiness they want for their pudding. The rice is steamed in the custom-made cypress steamers, so it takes subtle natural fragrance from the cypress. Also, carefully selected tender and lean pork belly is marinated then stewed through the same process just as their ancestors did, then spread on the slowly-cooked, fluffy, wonderful-smelling rice, finally, drizzle their special sauce over on top, youa��ve got layers of flavors all in one dish. Its fat comes only from the pork stew, so ita��s low-fat and low-salt, doesna��t taste greasy at all.

Rice Tamale

The ingredients are strictly selected Taiwana��s round grain germ rice, Pindonga��s Wandan red bean and Dajia taro. The red bean filling is pleasantly sweet, ita��s a chunky kind of paste that you can feel the red bean pieces in your mouth, ita��s very flavorful. And for the purple taro flavor, Dajia taro is steamed then mixed in sugar, there is not a lot of oily sheen on the outside of the rice tamale, and the filling is naturally grayish, not purple like others on the market. The most important step in the process is shaping the rice tamales, it takes experience and a keen sense of touch to make the right shape and size, so they can expand properly to gleam and look delicious. In hot summer days, a bundle of rice tamales can not only cool you down nicely, but also can bring back the happy childhood memory of grandmaa��s cooking.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Qingshuia��s Genuine Tube Rice Pudding Shopsi??TaiwanDay