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Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Joye Cottage|TaiwanDay

Joye Cottage was constructed with the concept of a “forest village.” Concealed in flourishing greens, the cottage covers 0.6 hectares of land. Every bit of the house was built and designed by the owner Mr. Jo himself over the course of ten years. The cottage presents a sense of the farm life in the early history of Taiwan. It is the owner’s hope that every guest could experience the nostalgia rural lifestyle.

Meander along the path made of flagstone and sleeper wood as you enter the site, wooden cottages surrounded by plants can be seen everywhere. The cottages have roofs made of thatched grass and concrete walls, as large red lanterns swing at the door beside traditional Chinese couplets put up for spring blessings. The surroundings provide a sense of rural village life. Just before the cottages there is a clear pond where geese and ducks swim freely and quack on the wooden rafts. Pick a cozy spot, enjoy exquisite afternoon tea aside the pond, and appreciate the natural landscape. What can be more pleasant in life! Visit in May or June, and you be embraced by the dazzling summer snow as more than on hundred Tung flowers blossoms in the garden!


Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Joye Cottage|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Joye Cottage|TaiwanDay

Green building

Buildings constructed at the Joye Cottage employs low energy-consuming, carbon reduction and eco- friendly approaches. Wooden floors, floor-to- ceiling windows and semi-open type compartments allow natural lighting from the outdoors thus cut down the use of indoor lightings. The rooms lit by sunlight are warm and cozy, while guests may appreciate the scenery through the large windows from the bath tube. Pillar cases and sheets use handmade blue-dyed materials, enhancing the elegance and warmth in the bedrooms.

Creative Culinary

To defer from other Hakka restaurants and creative delicacies nearby, Joye Cottage offers creative vegetable culinary for its guests. Furthermore, Strobilanthes cusia is used as the dye for guests to make their own blue-dye products and handmade soap. It is hoped that every visitor at Joye Cottage could experience the most comprehensive set of eco-friendly lifestyle – from food, clothes, accommodation, to travels.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Joye Cottage|TaiwanDay