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Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Zhuo Ye Cottagei??TaiwanDay

The camera-clicking crowds at the gate made me wonder what was behind it, so I went to take a peek at the inside. When I stepped on the zigzagging wooden bridge, the incredible view opened up before my eyes, the pond was filled to overflowing with lotus blooms and bursting with greenery; above the pond, there were a couple of artfully designed glass cabins that made you stop and admire; the gazebos, terraces, and glass cabins by the eco pond each attracted the visitorsa�� attention in their own special way. Zhuo Ye Cottage truly amazed me like a mesmerizing maze.

The eco-park that theya��d been dreaming about

The founder, Mr. Zhuo, a former landscaping designer, and his wife, a horticulture (gardening) teacher at an agricultural high school, were only trying to realize their dream of an eco-park when they were building Zhuo Ye Cottage, and planning to make it his dada��s and their future home after retiring. Being a nature-lover, Mr. Zhuo tried to think outside the box. He laid red bricks on the trails, and put nostalgic railroad sleepers in the grassy courtyard. The entire park was built by eco-friendly construction, therea��s no one single rebar or any concrete. With her creativity, Mrs. Zhuo spruced the place up. She planted many different kinds of flowers and plants all over the park, adding a dreamy feel to its old-world charm, the place is so unique and refreshing.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Zhuo Ye Cottagei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Zhuo Ye Cottagei??TaiwanDay

The gazebos, the terraces, the ponds and the windy trails, and the natural scenery at Zhuo Ye Cottage, including the 300-400 species of plants thriving beautifully, and among them, the insects and the small animals living happily, all these elements made this place full of life. Their admiring relatives and friends frequently came to visit for vacation, even curious passing tourists dropped in asking for a visit. Finally, they decided to happily share it with the public, and then Zhuo Ye Cottage was opened in summer 2002.

Healthy cuisine thata��s good for you and for the environment

At Zhuo Ye Cottage, if you want to know whata��s on the menu, youa��re out of luck, because the menu doesna��t exist here. Which dishes will be served on your table vary according to the season and the size of your party. They use mainly natural ingredients, like organic vegetables from their own garden. a�?Naturala�?, a�?eco-friendlya�? are the main features they proudly serve with their food.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Zhuo Ye Cottagei??TaiwanDay