Jin Liang Shing Brick Factory

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Home of Clay Art

Founded in 1973, Jin Liang Shing Brick Factory was the earliest tunnel kiln in Miaoli County. Encompassing three hectares of land, this large compound, nestling in the Shanjiao Community of Yuanli Township, has been the base of continuous brick production for 40 years and now hosts the Wanli Museum of Bricks and Tiles. The tourism factory now plays a significant role in the development of brick culture and art, as well as the local industry.

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From the brick ticketing booth at the entrance to the metal plate inscribed with a�?Welcomea�?, the color temperature of red bricks creates a cozy ambiance. Walking through the open garden, lawn, shading trees and brick walks, you will see the rustic texture and low-key hues of bricks offsetting the vivid colors in the landscape. Arc de Triomphe, Dutch windmill and Eiffel Towera�� World-famous structures meet the intriguing patterns of brick stacking. The park is filled with bursts of surprises that display the infinite creative possibilities of brick art.

Guided Tour through the Brick-Making Process

Currently, two tunnel kilns are preserved in the park area; one is a 162-meter- long firing kiln and the other is a drying kiln. The bricks are made from weathered shale mudstone clay native to the Huoyanshan area. JLS is known as the a�?Golden Hand of Red Bricksa�?. Brick products marked with the JLS logo, from plain and clinker bricks to decorative tiles, are deemed high-end products in the industry. The Park is filled with activities. You can take a tour through the tunnel kilns, browse the display and watch the knowledge films at the Wanli Museum of Bricks and Tiles, get your hands dirty with the brick carving DIY projects and play a game with the color-painting coasters and tiles. Brick carving is a traditional craft passed down since the Han Dynasty. Dona��t miss the fun and art in the DIY classroom.

Taiwan Travel : Attractions - Jin Liang Shing Brick Factoryi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Attractions - Jin Liang Shing Brick Factoryi??TaiwanDay

The full manufacturing process at the factory is open to visitors. The park guide will lead you through the full process of brick making from clay material collecting to initial crushing, grinding, mixing, brick forming, automatic cutting, automatic blank grabbing, blank drying, baking and firing, and how fired bricks are retrieved from the kiln, screened, packaged and shipped. You will get a full view of how a pile of dirt goes through the long process and high temperature to become a tough red brick.

The Only Brick Industry Themed Museum in Taiwan

a�?Wanlia�? is the name of the place, a�?Yuanlia�?, pronounced in Taiwanese. However, the name originated from the language of the Taokas of Pingpu, a branch of Taiwanese indigenous peoples. Brick making was once a significant industry in the Yuanli area. At its peak, there were 12 brick makers packed in this small township. With top quality clay soil perfect for brick making, bricks and tiles from Yuanli were sold as premium products nationwide.

Taiwan Travel : Attractions - Jin Liang Shing Brick Factoryi??TaiwanDay