A Blend of Art and Cuisine

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A Taste of Nostalgia

Kingdom Restaurant is a must-try restaurant in Puli. When you get into, a cute drawing greets you at the entrance. In the picture, a man with chefa��s wear is the boss, Wang Wen-Zheng. The man, with cloth on his shoulder and a smile on his face, carries a tray of wine with his left hand and a tray of entrees with the other. There is a Taiwanese quatrain on the picture, a�?Welcome every guest, we serve you tea, we offer all kinds of cuisines, all delicacies are ready to be served.a�?It implies that they treat every guest like a friend and offer with the best cuisine. The furnishings like Chinese ceramic stove, cupboard, ceramic urn, wooden table, stool and so on implies a spirit of gratitude.

Interesting Dish Talk Show

The dining area is on the first and second floor and the interior is a fusion of culture, art, and cuisine. They use a lot of local produce as their ingredients, like Brazil agaric, tomato, water bamboo, mushroom, passion fruit, chili, bitter gourd, color pepper, Taiwan jewel orchid and Shao-hsing wine. As diners enjoy the cuisine, which is culinary art from chef A Hong, the staff is talking about the cuisine interestingly at the same time. The guests are dining in a humanistic atmosphere. No matter what you order here, it can satisfy your craving for food and leave you an unforgettable impression.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Kingdom Restauranti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Kingdom Restauranti??TaiwanDay

Todaya��s Menu

Local Shao-hsing Banquet
*Ingredients Change with The Seasons.*

Taiwanese Appetizers: The dishes are served on Taiwan shaped plates. These side dishes are the juicy boiled water bamboo decorated with roses, sour and sweet tomato with plum juice, Alianthus Prickly Ash dressed in sauce, chewy Shao-hsing pork knuckle, and water bamboo with kimchi. All of them are worth tasting.

Fragrant Rice in A Pot: The rice, an indigenous species, which was originally planted by Seediq, is only planted once a year and yield poorly. It was once dedicated to the emperor of Japan during Japanese colonial period. Thus, it is very precious. When the stewed rice with Sao-hsing sausage and salted pork are served, we recommend to smell and take a look at it first. It is suggested that diners eat it slowly to taste the sweetness and fragrance in the food. It is better served with the stir-fried diced water bamboo with minced meat, fermented soya beans, and chili.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Kingdom Restauranti??TaiwanDay