Imari Japanese Restaurant

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Authentic, homemade Japanese delicacy

Overall environment★★★★
Food and beverages★★★★

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Mr. and Mrs. Atsuko own a B&B in Hualien, which provides exceptionally exquisite meals. Many guests not planning to star overnight have requested whether they can reserve for their delicious meals only. As much as the Atsukos hoped to show their hospitality, they had no other choice but to turn down all requests for the small capacity of the B&B limited them in doing so.

But everything is different now. After a year planning and designing, Mr. and Mrs. Atsuko now run another restaurant separately from the B&B, Imari Japanese Restaurant. For those who have enjoyed their delicate Japanese cuisine, this is the place to visit!

Perfect combination of traditional and modern cuisine

Instead of packs and packs of tables and crowds, it is a spacious environment that greets the guests when they enter the restaurant. Traditional stoves set inside the dining areas provide a rich sense of traditional Japanese living rooms. It feels as if you just walked right into a mountain hut in a Japanese suburb. Moreover, as designers attached a modern sense to the traditional stoves, a low profile luxury is demonstrated, showing the creativity of Imari’s culinary – locally grown fine rice, fresh seafood delivered right off the fishing ship, and dishes set to meet costumers satisfactory.

Taiwan Travel:Foods - Imari Japanese Restaurant│TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Foods - Imari Japanese Restaurant│TaiwanDay

Kaiseki Hot Pot (for minimum of two)

The base of the hot pot is flavored with stockfish soup. Ingredients include seasonal vegetables, mushrooms selection, shrimp, fish, craps and high quality beef. Appetizer, sashimi, steamed egg custard, desserts, fruits, and tea or coffee come with the set menu. This is the best choice for those hot pot fans!

Sukiyaki (for minimum of two)

Fried onions and sukiyaki sauce heated in the pot ready to blanch fine beef. Appetizer, sashimi, fried snacks, egg custards, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, mocha, oolong noodles, desserts, fruits, and coffee or tea also come with the set menu.

Hokkaido style hot pot (for minimum of two)

With the head of chef originated from Hokkaido, Japan, the Hokkaido style hot pot is authentic and extremely delicious. Appetizer, sashimi, fried fish cakes with soy sauce and mashed turnip with vinegar, egg custard, seasonal vegetable, mushrooms, salmon, tofu, mocha, dessert, fruits, and coffee or tea also come with the set menu.



Kaiseki Cuisine

Eat prepared for an imperial feast! For starters, there are fried white shrimp, casserole mussels, and avocado with yam. Following up are sashimi of the day, including prawn, squid, salmon, and black seabream. Another delicacy is assorted Tempura, where you can enjoy fried bell peppers, mushrooms, burdock, white shrimps, and squids. The steamed egg custard is of high value too – chicken, mushrooms, shrimps, ginkgo and eggs cooked with stockfish-flavored soup. Surely on the menu is traditional Japanese baked miso salmon, served with Japanese style steamed rice with burdock strips, mushrooms, and chicken. Teriyaki pork rolls come with soup. After the main course, there are desserts, fruits, and drinks. The complete set menu provides a royal-like feast!

Lunch box (lunch box cloth included. By reservation only.)

Many visitors enjoy having a fabulous lunch box on the train when traveling to Hualien. Among them is the owner of Imari Japanese restaurant. This is the reason why Imari also provides lunch boxes with exquisite Japanese cloth that covers the box to keep it warm for guests to take away and enjoy on the train.

Taiwan Travel:Foods - Imari Japanese Restaurant│TaiwanDay