A wonderful time at sea

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A Vacation Paradise

HYS 178 is the second building of Haiwan No.32. It is positioned on coastal highway (Provincial Highway No. 11), just 10 minutes away from downtown area. With extraordinary sea view, HYS 178 is a great place where you can relax and unwind yourself.

The creamy-white manor built with a lot of woods gives out a warm feeling and the big patch of lawn in front of HYS 178 just makes you relax immediately. You can sit on the rocking chair on the terrace to relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape, read books or simply relax and enjoy the tranquility on the chaise lounge in the pavilion. Also, you can play with your children or pets on the grass or walk to the beach by the trail and have a quality time with your family.

The owner of HYS178, Mr. Huesh, was a landscape designer who designed the whole landscaping by himself. He is especially meticulous about living quality because he wants each guest to have a wonderful experience and to make HYS 178 the number 1 vacation destination for travelers.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - HYS178i??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - HYS178i??TaiwanDay

Super popular honeymoon suite

The rooms of HYS 178 are all very spacious. They provide rooms for 2, 3, and 4 people. Each room has a big window overlooking the ocean. The extraordinary sea view is the signature of the rooms. At night, you can listen to the sounds of waves to sleep. In the morning, you will be wakened up by the warm sunshine. Whata��s so special about Room 101 is that you can enjoy the sea view, listen to the sounds of waves, drink coffee and have quality time with your loved ones on your private terrace. Whata��s more, there is also a big bookcase in the room that makes you feel like home. Room 101 is definitely the most popular honeymoon suite that a lot of the guests are reluctant to leave.

Breakfast time: 8:00~10:00

The breakfast buffet is made by the housekeepers. There are congee, 5 fresh made stir-fries, fruits and all kinds of dishes that are tasty and very appetizing. HYS178 also offer toast and jam for guests who prefer breakfast of Western style.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - HYS178i??TaiwanDay