Utopia of happiness

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Covering 10,000 square-meters, Hwtaoyao is a Taiwanese garden that fully demonstrates local culture and lifestyle. The owners Chen Wen-hiu and his wife created a Utopia rich in Taiwanese culture in 25 years at Yuanli Township with plantation, poetry, ceramic art, kilns, bridges, streams, and traditional cuisine.

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Taiwanese garden, combining western and eastern cultures

Old Taiwanese houses built of various styles can be seen at the garden. A�combination of Dutch red brick walls, Minnan double doors, Japanese roof tiles, an aboriginal plantation represents architectural features from different periods o Taiwana��s history, along with an addition of modern time green constructiona designs. The houses conceded by the trees sit in an orderly pattern along the sloped terrain. Ita��s a beautiful view from afar, while at close, it is worth savoring bit by bit.

Bricks and rocks used for the walls or the paths at the garden are all collected from nearby areas. The planning layout is based on Chinese poetry, presenting stairs, ponds, and corridors alongside the local plantation and hundred-years- old trees. The artistic conception of the poetry is merged within the settings, creating a lot of cultural fun. Wander around the garden, sit wherever you like, appreciate the views, drift off, feel the light breeze, or listen carefully to the chirping birds a�� all these are the happy sentiments the owners would like to share with their guests.

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Hwataoyaoi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Hwataoyaoi??TaiwanDay

Botanic garden: four presentations at four seasons

Covering 50,000 square-meters, the botanic garden locates behind the main garden, in a tranquil valley. With reservation, visitors will be shown around with a professional guide. The botanic garden collects and grows more than 600 kinds of plants, bringing different scenery to the valley at different seasons. Early spring, there are orchid flowers, Chinese fringe flowers, and a garden full of liveliness. Mid- summer is green and alive, with the whistling of cicadas. Deep into autumn is when maple trees go gold and Indian almond leaves turn red, bringing a blush to the valley. The chilly winter arrives with white cherry blossoms, perfuming the area with fragrance. Besides the exciting seasonal landscapes, another spectacle is the geese raised by the owners, quacking here and there along the stone walkway, as if welcoming visitors to the valley.

Formosa acacia wood and traditional kilns

Since 1984, Hwataoyao has insisted on preserving its traditional kilns, as well as using Formosa acacia wood to make pottery. The traditional kilns are several rectangle kilns connecting to each other. One can rarely find this kind of kilns in Taiwan now. The firing process of each kiln takes eight days and seven nights at an ultra-high temperature up to 1250 degree Celsius. During such process the ash glaze are produced and then applied to the pot which color cannot be predicted. Formosa acacia creates a warm golden color to the pot.

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Hwataoyaoi??TaiwanDay