Hua-Na-Yin Historical Residence

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Experience the Lifestyle of Native Taiwanese people

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A vintage residence transformed into a BnB

Zhong-Ming Chen, a local elementary school principle, spent two years renovating Hua-Na-Yin Historical Residence, which he has been living for over ten years. The name of this BnB seems to be exotic. However, the idea of the name actually comes from the ownera��s self-mockery. It is the transliteration of a�?the house of the nativesa�? from Taiwanese. The stones, driftwoods, and all kinds of handmade bamboo furniture and instruments that can be seen and found in the house come from the Chens.

Hanging curtains with the totem of fish and the word a�?lalauyaa�? have their own special meanings. a�?Lalauyaa�? means the place with lots of maple trees in the Tsou language (one of the native Taiwanese tribes based in Chiayi). As to the fish totem, it is the family sigil of the Chen. Hua-Na-Yin Historical Residence is located in the center of the tribe where the inhabitants can stop by, chatting, playing instruments spontaneously, or singing together. You can experience the genuine sincerity and local lifestyle here.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Hua-Na-Yin Historical Residencei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Hua-Na-Yin Historical Residencei??TaiwanDay

Experience the free spirit and simple lifestyle of the natives

You can experience the simple and cozy feelings by staying in Hua-Na-Yin Historical Residence. There are double rooms, triple rooms, quad rooms, and rooms for six people for visitors to choose. In the daytime, the sunlight floods in rooms through windows. You can see the whole great view of mountains. In the nighttime, you can enjoy the night view and starry sky with breeze by sitting on the hallway. You can go upstairs to the second floor, having a cup of coffee or tea while listening to some tribal anecdotes from principle Chen. In his leisure time, the principle would be a tour guide for visitors and help them know more about the environment and culture. In addition, he holds some DIY classes, such as stone drawing, leather carving, and traditional tribal outfits making with some tribal artists.

Try special dishes and coffee of the Tsou

Breakfast Time: AM 6:00 ~ AM 9:00 (reservation only for lunch and dinner)The breakfast here is traditional Taiwanese style cooking by Shu-Feng Wen, the principlea��s wife. Most ingredients and vegetable are from local farmers, all fresh and organic. Shu-Fenga��s magic hands make these marvelous dishes linger in visitorsa�� hearts. If you would like to have lunch or dinner here, make sure you make a reservation beforehand. Thus, they can prepare in advance and offer a table of delicious Tsoua��s style cuisine to enjoy. Also, if you are addicted to coffee, you better not miss their home roasted coffee, the special flavor of which is only available here.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Hua-Na-Yin Historical Residencei??TaiwanDay