Watch the sea, listen to the sea, and enjoy leisure time

Overall environment★★★★
Lodging environment★★★★
Food and beverages★★★★

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Foreigners fall for its beauty as well

Lie back on an outdoor deckchair, observe the blue ocean, do nothing else but relax. This is what you do at Haiwan No.32. The waves roll like lady’s skirts on the ocean. The whispers of the waters come running to the ears. You can sit here for a whole day and not get tired of it. From time to time, a ship passes by the coastal waters. The mind slows down with its pace.

This beauty is not only alluring for locals, but also for foreigners from India, Malaysia, Switzerland, and Singapore. The geographic environment here is basically reef rock. This is why Haiwan No.32 uses a lot of reef rock and wood as the building materials of the villa. Even the direction of the wind was taken into consideration. The theme color is creamy yellow and gray. The design goes with a main concept of simplicity. There are a lot of trees in the gardens so as to green up the environment. Haiwan No.32 is a romantic place with its natural beauty, which makes it perfect for a date, a place to propose, or an anniversary.

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Haiwan No.32│TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Haiwan No.32│TaiwanDay

All rooms face the sea

All guest rooms at Haiwan No.32 face the sea. Painted in warm colors and furnished with wooden furniture, the rooms are relaxing and comfortable to stay in. Besides large ceiling windows, there are private balconies for the guests to absorb the scenery of the sea indoors as well as outdoors.



Service hours: 08:00 to 10:00
Chinese styled buffet is served as breakfast. There are traditional sweet potato porridge, meat floss, wheat gluten, pickled cucumber, fried fresh vegetables, kimchi, buns, sandwiches, fresh fruits, hot coffee, cold juice and hot soy milk.

Afternoon Tea

Service hours: 13:30 to 18:00
Listen to the waves, watch the sea, look at the white waves splashing the reef rocks back and forth. This is the afternoon time to be passed at Haiwan No.32. There are drinks including oolong tea, white gourd tea and lemon juice. There are also snacks to choose from, including cakes, honey croissant and thick toasts.

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Haiwan No.32│TaiwanDay