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Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Energycolori??TaiwanDay

Near the Changbin Coast of Sansiantai, a building in black hidden in the greenery is peoplea��s first impression of Energycolor: grey-black- orange-yellow. Walking up towards the roof of this building, you are right, is where you enter Energycolor. That is, to be able to get into Energycolor, visitors will need to climb up to the rooftop and get down from Great Taste of Travel Stairs on the other end. On the second floor, there are four guestrooms with an array of posts on one side and restaurant on the other. Of course, the color of black is consistent from the beginning to the end, which is the most distinctive feature of Energycolor. This distance is like a journey to slowly quiet your mind and to cleanse before you enter another space.

A Color Platter Fun Space

This unique architecture with the eccentric appearance was built based on the ownera��s idea. Ten years ago, Ms. Gao, giving Shitiping a new look of desert flavor with BNB, had dreamt about finding a place near the Pacific Ocean where people could quietly read, look at the ocean, daze, drink coffee, eat, and stay for a few days. As a result, seven women, sharing the same dream, created Energycolor; slowly, they gave life to Energycolor bit by bit. There was a showroom displaying handmade objects, including homemade jams, handmade chocolates, appliques, pottery, as well as decoration.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Energycolori??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Energycolori??TaiwanDay

Energycolor was purely an artwork, which used black as the theme along with some grey; in addition, orange and yellow were used to highlight the room so that it did not feel cold. Instead, people would want to stop and caress the soul of the colors. The space here was like a black canvas and the orange and yellow objects scattered all over were like the paint brushes. For instance, the cans of jams and the glass tableware on the open shelves, the cushions on the chairs, the appliques on the wall chose the colors of orange and yellow as the theme. The ceramic decorations on the wall along with other handmade pottery were here and there on the floor, which brought about the feeling of warmth.

Food Memories from the Trip

Initially, Energycolor did not provide meals; until a year ago, Ms. Gao was inspired by the jams from a friend and she realized how sweetness could be very elegant. As a result, she wanted to include food as part of her dream realization so she set up a Yellow Lemon Kitchen. The menu was not complex but had all the unforgettable food memories from the trips in the past 20 years. One by one, all the memories were turned into gourmet dishes and named by the memories from the trips. Ms. Gao said that good food was not made from superior cooking skills but from using good quality of olive oil, sea salt, seasonings, and fresh ingredients. Let hands feel the art of life so that every dish danced beautiful dances and tasted wonderful tastes.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Energycolori??TaiwanDay