Hua-Rong Seafood Restaurant

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No fixed-menu: creative cuisine of seasonal ingredients

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Hua-Rong Seafood Restaurant is situated at Wengang, Dongshi Township in Chiayi County. Because its location is not close to downtown Dongshi, it is not very convenient for those who dona��t drive there. Despite the inefficient transportation, it doesna��t affect the popularity of Hua-Rong Seafood Restaurant at all.

The seafood restaurant used to run by Shi-Jian Hsu, owner of the second generation. Shi Jian once worked on an oyster farm. Therefore, he maintains a good relationship with other fishermen. That is why except buying in the fish market of Dongshi, he has the chance to get some biggest, most special, or most expensive brown croakers, red crabs, and whelks etc. In addition, he also has the ability to tell whether seafood is wild or farmed as well as its freshness. This ensures all ingredientsa�� quality in the restaurant and wins the favor of locals and tourists.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Hua-Rong Seafood Restauranti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Hua-Rong Seafood Restauranti??TaiwanDay

Now the ownership has been passed down to two brothers, the third generation, Hua-Jie Hsu and Hua-Rong Hsu, both owners and chefs of Hua-Rong Seafood Restaurant. The restaurant is well-known for two striking characters: selling fresh wild seafood and creative cuisine. There is no fixed-menu in the restaurant so it depends on customersa�� budget or ingredients they buy that day to prepare dishes. Furthermore, chefs would properly deal with every ingredient by its own nature in order to create various delicious gourmets. Due to the excellent quality, it is not necessary to over seasoning while cooking. Only by boiling or steaming can well present the original sweet taste of ingredient itself, which serves as the most distinguished feature of Hua-Rong Seafood Restaurant.

Todaya��s menu

Stewed Chicken Soup with Whelk Meat uses the whelk meat of Waisanding Sandbar in Dongshi. Because of the fantastic sweet taste of whelksa�� meat, people also call it a�?abalone of Dongshi.a�? Stewing whelksa�� meat together with chicken makes the color of soup so thick that it is hard to see through from its surface. After having a sip of the soup, the taste of tender chicken and whelksa�� meat would flood your mouth with fragrance.

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