Houtanjing Valley Scenic Area

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The most attractive sky bridge in Taiwan

Houtanjing gets its name from the valley landscape resembling a monkey overlooking a well. Not only is there a unique looking suspension bridge that attracts large numbers of visitors, there are also a parking lot, information center, landscape flower porch, and a tower scenery platform letting visitors enjoy and accommodate their needs. To promote star gazing activities, there is even an Astronomical Geography Exhibition Hall and the sky bridge has become a desired attraction for bicycle enthusiasts.

Taiwan Traveli?sAttraction - Houtanjing Valley Scenic Areai??TaiwanDay

The thrill of looking down from up high

At 204m long, the sky bridge, also called a�?Baguashan bridgea�? or a�?The smiling bridgea�? is the longest suspension bridge in Taiwan. To shorten the waiting time for visitors, the entrance and exit are in different locations. Although it may take a while before you return, there are various delicacies to try once stepping off the bridge. While crossing, you will also pass through tea plantations and rural landscape where you can purchase fruits such as pineapple, dragon eye, lychee and mangoes grown on the laterite plateau.

On a clear day, you will be able to spot Yunlina��s Xiluo bridge, the plains of Zhanghua and magnificent mountain ranges, enjoying the joys of looking down from up high. A�The bridge is also perfect for sunsets and night views.

Taiwan Traveli?sAttraction - Houtanjing Valley Scenic Areai??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sAttraction - Houtanjing Valley Scenic Areai??TaiwanDay

To ensure the safety of visitors, a maximum number of 150 people are allowed on the bridge at a time. Smoking and eating are not permitted, to prevent forest fires and pollution. Umbrellas are not to be brought onto the bridge as strong gusts may throw you off, so it is recommended you visit the attraction at later hours if you are afraid of the heat. It is also strongly recommended that you should not go on the bridge if you are scared of heights or have a history of heart disease.