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Try healthy food at one of the most fashionable restaurant in town!

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Taiwan Traveli?sFoods - New In a�� Host Shabua��TaiwanDay

Started up as only a small vendor, New Palace International Co. Ltd. now has several fancy banquet halls and restaurants over the country. In 2012, New Palace created a new type of restaurant which was an initiative idea at the time. It concerns heavily the exquisiteness of the food. That was when Host Shabu was opened. According to Huang, the companya��s general manager, while hot pots are popular among customers dining out, few restaurants have managed to provide exquisite culinary. It is the soup and the ingredients that matter the most. For all that hot pots are about is boiling ingredients blanched in the soup. In order to provide a healthy meal, it is crucial that the ingredients and the soup are of high quality. a�?We provide cast iron pots, not only for its high thermal conductivity, but also for the iron which may be nutritious for our female customers,a�? Huang said.

Luxurious Gourmet Feast

Designed by renowned interior designer, the dining area at Host Shabu is modern and fashionable, and is integrated with the concept of green constructions as sunshine pours in from the windows, creating playfulness with lights and shadows at the open areas. As for the semi-open dining areas, metal clapboard with honeycomb core and fashionable chandeliers exported from Denmark create a transparent spacious feeling to the rooms. Moreover, there are also independent dining areas entirely separated from the open areas for those who enjoy more privacy. Through the ceiling windows, customers are open to the vast night view of Taipei City. Desire a luxurious gourmet feast? Be stunned with Host Shabua��s amazing hot pot!

Taiwan Traveli?sFoods - New In a�� Host Shabua��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sFoods - New In a�� Host Shabua��TaiwanDay

Royal Feast (Set Menu for Two)

The Royal Feast is a set menu for two, which includes fresh seafood and prime steak.

Appetizer (To choose one from the three)

Perilla and tomato salad: Tomatoes pickled in perilla leaves and then drizzled with fruit vinegar. It is sweet and sour.

Chinese yam salad with sea urchins: Slices of Chinese yam covered with sea urchins and wasabi. This is a popular Japanese styled appetizer.

Seafood salad with balsamic vinegar: A healthy dish of fresh seafood and seasonal vegetable drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

Chef recommended sashimi:

handpicked by the chef, this dish uses only the freshest ingredients.

Prime steak:

Host Shabua�� uses CAB Prime steaks, cut with an external fat thickness of 0.3 centimeters. It is juicy, matching the taste of Wagyu beef. It is delicious to eat without sauce, or with sesame sauce and miso sauce.

Japan Hokkaido Hairy Crab (at seasonal price, a la carte)

No need to go all the way to Hokkaido for its fabulous hairy crabs! At Host Shabu, Japan Hokkaido Hairy Crabs with juicy meat are available on the menu.

Deep-sea fish sashimi hot pot (Set menu)

Menu content varies with season. The selection of deep-sea fish includes giant grouper, amberjack, and salmon. Appetizer, seasonal vegetable plate, house porridge, fruits, and desserts also come with the set menu.

Taiwan Travel:Foods-New In a�� Host Shabua��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sFoods - New In a�� Host Shabua��TaiwanDay

Royal assorted seafood plate with vegetables:

When New Palace first started its business, it started with selling seafood products. In order to provide the freshest seafood, the store has its own fish tank, controlled at low-temperature or room-temperate, depending on what is most comfortable for the fish. The selection of seafood includes mud crabs, abalones, clams, fish and oysters. Moreover, wait staff help remove meat from crab shells. To go with the seafood plate, there are a variety of seasonal vegetables. Apart from homegrown vegetables from local farms, there are also sweet corns, mushrooms, homemade fish and shrimp balls, vegetable balls and green onions imported from Japan. Local grown taro is also cooked with the vegetables, which center does not crush into bites when boiled. The seafood and vegetables add flavor to the soup which becomes more and more delicious and with more and more depth.


It is not common for hot pot restaurants to hire chefs. However, at Host Shabu, the head chef of traditional Japanese cuisine is in the house preparing other exquisite delicacies: porridge cooked with soup that has absorbed the best parts of seafood and meat, as well as traditional side dishes previously renowned in Wuqi.

A mixture of smooth red bean mash and crunchy red beans served with taro balls is a delightfully sweet and an unforgettable dish.

Boston Lobster Feast

For those crazy for lobsters, this is what you must order! Apart from lobsters, there are also clams, oysters, Hokkaido scallops, fresh scallops, Australian abalones, and Pacific white shrimp from Penghu. Appetizers, chef recommended sashimi, assorted veggie plate, prime steak, house porridge, fruits, and desserts also come with the set menu.