Traditional, popular western cuisine Leading restaurant for 30 years

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Insistant on serving fine quality, preserving the original flavor
Thirty years ago, this Home Steak restaurant opened on Zhongxiao East Road sparked a trend of fashionable western dining in Taipei. Founder Hsu Wen-shing, who had previously worked in the Hilton Hotels, checked on the restaurant everyday to manage quality control. He chose to invest heavily on fresh ingredients rather than on advertising, leaving a fine impression for many on steak without extra seasoning.

The restaurant is embellished with wooden furniture and warm lights. Compared to more modern western restaurants, its classic and sedate. The taste of its steaks is still astounding, and the hospitality showed in the friendly greetings are irreplaceable by fixed employment guidelines. There are special offers for lunches because according to the manager, while the restaurant has high requirements for the quality of its steaks, it hopes it is affordable to regular guests. At dinner time, candles are lit at every tables so that even first-time customers can enjoy every bite of pleasure in this vintage setting.

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Home Steak|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Home Steak|TaiwanDay

Main course: German-style Roasted Pork Leg
The owner of Home Steak learned western cuisine in Germany for more than 10 years. Roasted pork leg is a special dish he adjusted from the german Schweinshaxe after he returned to Taiwan. Carefully selected pork leg marinated, simmered in pork bone soup, and then speedily roasted after being cooling. Every step requires precise timing. The crispy skin and soft, tender meat are gourmets’ favorite.

Salad (comes with the main course)

Selected seasonal carrots, tomatoes, and other fresh fruits and vegetables. Drenched with thousand island dressing or Japanese sesame dressing. It’s refreshing and appetizing.

Soup: onion soup (comes with the main course)

Golden and sweet fried onions simmered with beef bone soup for a day. The ingredients are simple but with chef’s fine skills, the taste is exceptionally rich. Best to enjoy when it’s hot.


Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Home Steak|TaiwanDay