Crossing century-old historical sites on the Houfeng Bikeway

4.5 km in total, the Houfeng Bikeway begins under the viaduct of Freeway 4 and takes you on a 2-hour picturesque journey when riding an e-bike.

Taiwan Traveli?sAttraction - Houfeng Bikewayi??TaiwanDay

The Houfeng Bikeway was the first bikeway in Taiwan to utilize an abandoned railway line. Beginning in Puzikou, the bikeway passes through the Dajia River Steel Bridge, which crosses over the magnificent Dajia River. Built 100 years ago during the Japanese colonial era, the six-archway structured bridge lets you view distant riversides, Pifeng Bridge, waterfalls, and the Shigang Dam, now tilted to its left since the 921 earthquake.

Crossing the bridge, you will be taken through Tunnel No. 9, another century-old historic rail tunnel, spanning over a length of 1.28 km. When riding through the tunnel, try to imagine yourself back in time, picturing the steam train advancing over the same path. Since many tourists visit this location on a daily basis, metal doors have now been installed at the entrance of the tunnel and restriction hours are also imposed to ensure the safety of the visitors. Air-conditioning and lighting have also been included in the tunnel to enable a safe and enjoyable ride.

Taiwan Traveli?sAttraction - Houfeng Bikewayi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sAttraction - Houfeng Bikewayi??TaiwanDay

If biking is not enough, why not also go horse-riding?

Once through the tunnel, you will be met with fuqi trees, platform pavilion and finally the Houli Horse Ranch. Pay at the door of the ranch and enjoy a choice of horse riding or archery before returning back on your bikes. If you choose to stay until sunset, then you may just catch a glimpse of a passing train on the new railway line traveling into the twilight, a stunning and unforgettable image. For a different kind of experience, come as a group and book a relaxing saxophone performance, either in front of the steel bridge or the garden area outside of winery.

The Mujiang Bike rental located at the starting point of the Houli Bikeway has over 700 bicycles to rent from and allows you to select from: road bicycles, geared bicycles, family bicycles, tandem bicycles, e-bicycles, family e-bicycles, electric quadricycles and many other varieties. There is also a regular outdoor and larger indoor barbecue area to cook at and fill your stomach with food after the long bike ride. If booked on weekdays, professional guides from Mujiang Bike rentals will also guide you along the Dongfeng Bikeway (Green Corridor) and the Houli Bikeway.