Happy Dog Castle

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A Happy Castle for every dog

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A Perfect Meetup Place for Dog Lovers

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Happy Dog Castle, opened in January 2010, is a BnB located beside Annong Creek. Within about 3 years, thousands of dogs have been friendly received at Happy Dog Castle. The couple, Mr. and Mrs. Lin, the cool host and hot hostess of this BnB are crazy about dogs. They have 8 dogs in their family. They said it is better to run a dog-welcome BnB than just an ordinary one. Because in this case, they would have common topic to chat with visitors and spending such a wonderful time with other dog lovers is really delightful to them. Furthermore, they said, if you understand dogsa�� behaviors and habits, they are actually very easy to take care of.

Super Friendly Host and Hostess

The host (or you can call him a�?Lin Ku Baa�? which a�?Ku Baa�? here means a really cool dad in Chinese) takes care of everything from meals and cleaning to looking after visitors and dogs all by himself. However, Lin Ku Ba is a patient suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and almost blind. His illness was induced by overwork before starting the BnB.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Happy Dog Castlei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Happy Dog Castlei??TaiwanDay

Still young and strong and most importantly: having an optimistic attitude, after discussing with his wife, the couple decided to move to countryside and started the dream business of his wife: a dog-welcome BnB. Despite sight reduction, his positive attitude and lifestyle keep him in a great condition. Owing to his other sensesa�� well-enhanced sensitivity, nothing can really restrain or beat him. Not even leading visitors for a tour and showing them around can be a problem. A�

As to the hostess, (or you can call her a�?Lin La Maa�? which a�?La Maa�? in Chinese means a really hot mom in this case) she is enthusiastic, energetic and always has a big smile on her face and patiently treats every guest dogs here. Their friendliness makes visitors feel free and comfortable as being guests at a frienda��s house.

The couple cares a lot about providing and keeping a clean, tidy and cozy place for all visitors. Therefore, environmental disinfection serves as the chief daily routine task in Happy Dog Castle. If you are also a dog lover, then you definitely have to pay a visit here in Yilan. This castle would certainly make your dogs incredibly happy.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Happy Dog Castlei??TaiwanDay