Guest City a�� Yilana��s Authentic Culinary since 1999

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History and time cultivate the best cuisine.

Bathing in dim light and old songs, guests are intoxicated by the aroma coming from freshly cooked dishes. This is the daily life at the Guest City.

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As an advocate for environmental protection, the owner of Guest City insists on using local ingredients. In order to reduce the production of carbon emissions due to food transportation, rice is selected from local organic farms, vegetables from nearby gardens, chicken, shrimp, and eggs from Hualien City. It is his main goal to provide not only delicious but also healthy food for his customers.

Everything on the menu was passed down from his mother. Moreover, more than half of the dishes are cooked on ancient wood stoves by burning firewood, which takes more time than modern ovens. This is why they say the food here is cultivated with time.

All the tableware in the restaurant is made by the pottery, and by the owner himself. Each plate, bowl, and cup has its own unique shape. Guests can find many traditional dishes here, such as pickles, enzyme, plum wine, etc. a�?With only fine culture, fine environment can one make fine cuisine,a�? says the owner.

The restaurant has an extremely simple design, furnished with wooden shelves, chairs, and tables, while the curtains are made of bamboo. It is hoped that guests may feel at home when they dine at Guest City.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Guest Cityi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Guest Cityi??TaiwanDay

Tofu-three-ways: an assorted appetizer with three small dishes exquisitely cooked with tofu, which is made by organic soy bean. Three dishes line up from left to right matching different flavors from light to strong: the first simply sprinkled with rose salt; the second accompanied by asparagus, dipped in passion fruit jam; while the last one is served with plum pickled pumpkin slices.

SautA�ed duck breast with salad: this sautA�ed duck breast is much more refreshing and less greasy while served by a salad with Japanese dressing.

Blanched mountain cabbage: homemade soy sauce drizzled over blanched fresh mountain cabbage is the healthy and refreshing dish you cannot miss out.

Home-brewed plum wine (or organic pineapple enzyme): selected from local-grown farms in Shini Township, plums are soaked in pots for at least three years before it is ready to drink.

Over-baked Yilan kumquat cake and sweet potato cake: The dish is made from sweet potato mash blended with kumquats, and then steamed before pan-fried. It is crispy on the outside, while soft and sweet in the inside.


Dongpo pork: whata��s special about the Dongpo pork here is that it is wrapped in Cyperus leaves and then steamed on ancient wood stoves heated by mild fire. The control of the fire is extremely crucial. The pork is cooked slowly and then added with organic soy sauce, homemade red yeast rice wine, and rose salt. The meat is so soft and that it melts on your tongue as you bite in. Moreover, the aroma of Cyperus leaves adds depth to the fine dish.

Steamed eggs with dried bamboo shoots: Dried bamboo shoots can only be produced during the summer with sufficient day light and night dew. The bamboo shoots have to be kept in pots for at least five years after the sun dried them completely. Stirred with fresh eggs and then steamed, the flavors of the dried bamboo shoots immerse into the eggs, creating an unforgettable mixture.

Steamed minced pork with pickles and mushrooms: it resembles the traditional steamed minced pork with pickles, but with the additional ingredient of fresh mushrooms, the flavor of this local dish is brought to a higher level.

Stewed pork ribs with dried radish: poached for three hours, the dish is created with simple ingredients but has an extraordinary flavor.

Chinese Lard Rice: the rice used for this dish comes from Chihshang Township, one of the renowned places in the country that harvest fine rice. Blended with hot lard, the perfect match creates an incredible aroma and taste.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Guest Cityi??TaiwanDay