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Simple gourmet, simple happiness

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Ancient house moved from Anhui Province, mainland China

It is utterly unbelievable that the ancient building with white walls and gray bricks has been moved here from Anhui Province, mainland China! The owners of the restaurant, a couple, set their heart on the 200-year-old house when they first saw it in Anhui Province. They moved it back in parts to Guanyin District, Taoyuan, and had professional architects sketched and constructed the house so as to match its original version. It took them almost a full year to complete the construction. Inside the house, it was furnished with antique furniture and a 400-year-old Buddha statue from Shaxi Province, China. The house was originally made for the ownera��s own use. Only later did they decide to open it to the public, and operate as an antique and cultural vegetarian restaurant.

The couple had been running an antique furniture business in Taipei. However, the cruelty and stress of city life put them up with the idea to lead easy and simple lives in the countryside. It started off as a private residency, which sometimes enjoyed the company of friends. The more friends they invited, the more people told them that such fine and comfortable place should be shared to the public. With a bit of simple meals could make it even more perfect. Coordinated with another couple interested in the business, the owners started operating Shueilai as a vegetarian restaurant. One couple is in charge of the kitchen, while the other pair commands the front of the house. Together they decided that the restaurant will mainly serve seasonal food grown locally, and will not use processed food products. This became one of the main highlights of Shueilai a�� fresh, creative and healthy delicacies.


Taiwan Travel:Foods - Creative Culinary a�� Shueilai Vegetarian Restauranta��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Foods - Creative Culinary a�� Shueilai Vegetarian Restauranta��TaiwanDay

Drink tea, have some vegetables, and think about nothing

The owner says that those who arrive here should slow down you pace, and enjoy the exquisiteness of its culinary. Promenade along the lotus pond, relax on the grass, or meditate under the trees like those Buddhists when they visit Shueilai.

Life can be led in many different ways. Simplicity is one of the ways to discover happiness. Take a trip to Shueilai and allow yourself a piece of peacefulness. Have some tea, some vegetables, think about nothing and immerse in the tranquility away from the bustling cities.

Mustard seed salad and peanut tofu

Fresh vegetable mixed with Japanese agar and seasonal fruits, drizzled with chefa��s special mustard seed sauce, and served with homemade organic peanut tofu. This dish is refreshing, low-calorie and healthy.

Organic alfalfa sprouts wrap

Wrapped in a roll, there are organic alfalfa sprouts, fresh apple dices, purple cabbage sprouts, broccoli sprouts, walnuts, and egg-free salad. This is a healthy delicacy.

Casserole sweet potatoes and sweet olive drinking vinegar

Mashed sweet potatoes backed with soya beans, green pepper, broccolis and sunflower seeds. A sprinkle of rosemary adds depth to the flavors. Served with sweet olive drinking vinegar, it balances the savors while making it altogether a healthier dish.

Ten grains rice, kimchi and seaweed wrap

Wrapped with salt-baked seaweed, steaming ten grains rice mixed with kimchi is a delicious dish with abundant layers of flavors.

Taiwan Travel:Foods - Creative Culinary a�� Shueilai Vegetarian Restauranta��TaiwanDay